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good luck bro :D

where is Apk link?

is it ok with android studio ?

apk image-link doesn’t work.

sorry , there’s no apk ( security matter )

I bought this game now I want to reskin it could you help me,,, in Android Studio do I need to open it as a normal project, or as Eclipse ?

Actually, I’m still waiting for Android Studio Source Code and the Documentation File HTML File could you please give it to me. because as I see this code only have the Eclipse version which is full of errors in android studio, please fix this soon. thank you

Hey . sorry for my late reply . please add me on skype so we can talk ( scheme_studios )

How to Change “SIDE” logo in game.. in homescreen o am able to change but not in play again activity ?.. I have edited that image wch contains SIDE text

Hey . sorry for my late reply . please add me on skype so we can talk ( scheme_studios )

App not publishing due to Libpng error as this is made on older version of buildbox..fix this issue or give me my refund.. I wasted my precious time & money on reskinng it.. and you are also not replying on Skype ! (@manikness)

I send you my question on google play how to change side word in play again activity ?

Hi… I added you on Skype. My username is Sachsterr. Please accept immediately. Your ad says that Admob interstitial and banner are included but I cannot find them. Ads are not there. Where do I put in my Admob keys?? How do you remove/change “side” logos? Please help as soon as possible I’m on a deadline for my project. Thanks.

I’m trying to contact this seller but it takes so long to have the solutions. I didn’t buy this app to watch it in my folders I bought it because I want it as soon as passable in Google play store and get some money.>>> first, this app AdMob has a lot of problems banner sometimes showing will sometimes never show and gives an error banner ad Null >>>>>> second today when I try to publish it in Google play store they gives me an error and they rejected this app because of old libraries>>>> this what google tells me>>>> “We rejected #####, with package name com.####.#####, for violating our Malicious Behavior or User Data policy. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still available on Google Play.

This app uses software that contains security vulnerabilities for users or allows the collection of user data without proper disclosure.>>>>

VulnerabilityAPK Version(s) Libpng library The vulnerabilities were fixed in libpng v1.0.66, v.1.2.56, v.1.4.19, v1.5.26 or higher. You can find more information about how resolve the issue in this Google Help Center article.

Please Fix Two of these problems 1- AdMob problem “not showing will” 2- google play problem with this “Libpng” library.

So many errors.. seller not even replying.. Do update or refund money !

OK Last chance I’ve already contacted you, but you are not answering on skype, I’ll refund this game if you didn’t answer our questions.

Hello, i need to try the gameplay to compare it with the similar game on chupamobile?