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Hello 1) Is it work with WP 4.8 ? 2) Can i make costum text and sticky widjet for every post ?


1) Yes it supports the latest 4.8 WP 2) For every post you can have a different sidebar or just a widget that appears only for that post. The whole sidebar or just the widget can be sticky.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with :-)

Friends, good afternoon!

I am interested in buying this product, but I have a question. The standard ads are 336×280.

Will the standard defaults remain the same?

Newspaper does it work on the topic?

Thank you

If you are asking if the Sidebar Widget Manager works with this theme, we target all themes that follow the WordPress standards for creating its sidebars (all themes should ). You should not have any issues. If you have some please do not hesitate to open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page and our support team will be with you shortly.

Sorry my English by Google!

What I am trying to ask is this: My theme has a sidebar where I can place ad with 336 pxl.

If you put two columns to the right, for example, will the sidebars have smaller widths? Can I place ads with 336 pxl?


If you replace the sidebars that come with your theme with custom once created by our plugin then the plugin will follow the same widths for the sidebars just like your theme.

Your other option that is more flexible is to use the OTW Content Sidebars. Then you can add sidebars on both sides of your page content and adjust the width. The width is not in pixels but in columns. The whole site width is divided in 24 columns which makes it pretty flexible. Then you choose the number of columns for the content and the sidebars. I think this option is what will do the trick ;-)

Let me know if you need any more info.

Hi. 1)Can I set sidebar for parent and child pages one time? 2)Do you have russian translations?

Hi, 1) You can’t set parent and child pages and I afraid. If we are talking about posts and custom post types then you can set all posts from category or tag. 2) We support the WPML plugin so you have all translations added there. :)

I have, for example, site.com/page, and above 2000 pages site.com/page/subpage1; site.com/page/subpage2 etc… How to set one sidebar for page and subpages?

I am afraid there is currently no easy way to set all sub pages.

Thanks for the feedback! I will have this added to the updates discussion list.