Discussion on Sidebar & Widget Manager for WordPress

Discussion on Sidebar & Widget Manager for WordPress

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hi i have been using your plugin without fail for the last few months however after the recent wordpress update the plugin doesnt seem to work on my wordpress install…. it isnt displaying sidebars on my site when everything is shown as running and active…. pls get back to me on the same soon

I see you have opened a ticket. Our support team will be in touch soon.

Is this still updated?

Yes, we do support and update the plugin.

the latest update (v4.0) seems to break things: wordpress tells me about the available update to v4.0, while v4.0 is already installed – even trying to update v4.0 to v4.0 does not resolve this cycle :)

Please try it again. It should work now!

Buenos días…. estoy utilizando youzer en mi página web y en el muro principal de actividad viene por defecto una barra lateral a la izquierda y necesito otra a la derecha… este plugin me creará esa barra lateral derecha que youzer no me deja?

Good Morning…. I am using youzer on my website and in the main activity wall a sidebar is left by default and I need another one on the right … this plugin will create that right sidebar that youzer does not leave me?


Yes, you can use the OTW Content Sidebars feature of the plugin in order to do that.

what sort of additional loading time does it add to the page/site?


None. It basically replace the original container with a custom one. Load time depends more on the actual content /widgets you place in the sidebars.

How come the plugin is untested for wordpress 5.4 version?

It is tested and compatible. The page was not updated.

Codecanyon does not yet have the WP 5.4 filter available. It will show up soon.

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin installation failed.

Download and install the installable plugin zip files only, not the whole package. Or unzip the whole package and find the plugin zip inside.

Hello, pre-sale question. I want to use the functionality of 3 specific widgets in posts and pages. This is because these widgets are football league tables for many different leagues (around 400), fixtures and next matches. So I don’t want to create a million sidebars for different leagues etc. I want to be able to use the widget in a post/page the same way you can use it in the widgets/sidebar area (Appearance -> Widgets). Is this possible with your plugin ?


Hi, I am not sure I understand what do you want to accomplish. You have around 400 leagues (pages and posts) and you want to display those 3 widgets there? You can have a sidebar, select for the sidebar to be visible on those 400 leagues. You have options to select all posts, all pages, etc.

Hi there,

I downloaded this plugin through my Envato Elements subscription but it still asks me to enter a license code. Is it not possible to get updates through Envato?

I am afraid Elements do not provide codes yet. Automatic updates are available only for codecanyon users. For Elements you will have to manually update.

Ok, I understand. But can I ask for support?

And is there a way to hide the Activate License message? It’s everywhere!

Thank you.

Support is for codecanyon users only.

I am.afraid you cannot hide the message without a code.

Hi, I bought the license some time ago. And I am trying to activate the license on my website and it is saying I have it activated on another site. I do NOT have installed or activated on any other site apart from the one I have now installed on and tried to activate. How can I remove my license from all domains? Can you please deactivate the license from all sites so that I can activate it? Or can you tell me how to do it? Thank you.

Thank you for the quick response. Yes I have emailed and I included my purchase code. I was fearing that I was going to have to wait days for a response. This is good sign, thank you.

Thank you. You guys provide good service. I was fearing you would be unreasonable and you will ask me to buy another support just to reset license. I will buy your products again because of this experience. Thanks.

Thanks :-)

I I would like to try the plugin but when I click on the link Update and Activate on the extension page, the update does’nt work and I still have the free version

Open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page on codecanyon your support team will be with you shortly to help you solve this.

hi there is some issue with the plugin after the recent wordpress update… I cannot open the custom widget drop down menus from my dashboard… can you pls check and update the plugin also ? i have tried changing the theme and also troubleshoot mode with only your plugin installed still faced the issue

Hi, open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page and our support team will get back to you shortly. Please send an example URL where the issue is visible and WP admin access.

Is there a demo?

Can you use gutenberg blocks in the widget content?

Yes, there is a demo site. Click on the Live preview link on the item’s page. What the plugin does it to organize sidebars. Then in your Appearance -> Widgets section you can place widgets. Gutenberg content is not available in widgets as far as I know. There might be a plugin that does that but I am not aware of it.

No matter how many times I update the visibility setting on my widgets, it doesn’t save! When I click “unselect all” it unselects all, but then as soon as I select one it selects them all again. How do I get a refund? This product isn’t working at all.

Hi, open a support ticket via the support tab at the top of the item’s page and our support team will be with you shortly to help you solve this. Please not that the issue might be in another plugin or your theme. When opening a ticket provide an example and WP admin access to the site.

I see you have an open ticket. Our support team will be with you shortly.

Hi, is this plugin compatible with Astra theme? Thanks.


We are compatible with any theme that follows the WordPress codex standards. All themes should!

If you have any issues do not hesitate to contact our support team ;-)

Hi, would I be able to use this plugin to add a widget to the top of a specific WooCommerce product category page? I already have the widget in my theme’s sidebar, but I want to have it at the top of the product category page instead. Thanks.

Hi, if there is a widget are there you can replace it easily with a new one created with the plugin. If there is no widget area there you can add it in the template file by using the widget are shortcode.