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maevapn Purchased

Could you make this add-on support the same web fonts that the main plugin supports so that one doesn’t have to mix fonts?

Thanks for idea. I’ll include it into todo list.


maevapn Purchased

It seems that there should be an option to make it so the side tab goes away when the user has submitted the popup it links to.

I just purchased that plugin and installed on my wordpress but there is no option on left side menu about layered popup….Please fix that and upload correct copy

:-) Correct copy is always here. Provide access to WP dashboard and I’ll let you know what’s wrong.

Hello, I just bought the add-on. Is it possible to disable the label tetxt and use a icon for it? I added a background as a icon but it does not look good.

Unfortunately, you can’t disable label. If you enable Font Awesome on Settings page, you can select desired Font Awesome icon while edit Side Tab (in this case you can leave label field empty). But, anyway you can’t disable both – Font Awesome Icon and Label.

I love the plugin but I really want to add several tabs to one page. I am trying to add the coding you give in the FAQ’s but I have no experience and am clearly putting the coding in the wrong place or something. Could you give me some clear guidance on this. I would like to have the sitewide option for additional tabs as well. Much appreciated ! Andrew

Hi. Just wait for new version. I’ll make option to set multiple tabs more easier.

I’m really sorry to be a pain but I am having a major issue using your plugin. My host thinks it could be conflicting with Paid Memberships Pro. Basically I keep getting a white screen when i do any work on it. I keep having to get the host to get me back in by going in to my database deactivating all my plugins and changing the theme. Obviously, I can’t use the plugin like this and I’m worried it could cause even worse issues. However, I really like the plugin !! so if you think you can fix it, I would love you to try ! Thanks, Andrew

Hi, is uploading a own image possible in the tab? Greetings

Hi. No.

HI! Maybe with a custom css, background-image and font-color transparant? Greetings

I’ve enabled the plugin with layered popups and created the tab, unblocked the popup I want to use… but the tab doesn’t show up on the site? It previews ok.

Nevermind I figured it out :)

Where is the changelog for Sept 17, 2016 ?

What is the current version number ?

Scroll down item description page.


AndamFr Purchased

Can I configure the side tab to only show at a certain page/post, or disable it at certain pages/posts? Is it possible to change the hover color?


AndamFr Purchased

The ulp-tab class, the font-family and the border-radius has an ”!important” flag. Any chance to remove this as I can’t overwrite it with my current setting.


AndamFr Purchased

no worries figured it out, just the configuration of the side tab to only show at a certain page/post or disabeling it at certain pages/posts is open :)


AndamFr Purchased

Got that figured out as well, reading the FAQ helps ;) Very good features! Thanks for the great plugin!

Hello, is it possible to have the tab displayed in different locations depending on the device?

For exmple on a desktop i would like it displayed on the side but on mobile displayed at the bottom?

Excellent thanks!

Just FYI. This is add-on for Layered Popups. So you need have Layered Popups. ;-)

Of course! ;)

Hi.. is this plugin working for WP New User Registration as shown in the demo?

Hi. It doesn’t have registration feature.

I would like to buy this add-on but when I try to load your plugin demo on mobile, the tabs don’t appear. Does this work on mobile? If so, can you post a link here to a page where I can view it in action on mobile? Thanks!

Hi, I wanted to have the popup appear on mouseenter event of the side tab..how can I do that? Also it would be good if you could assign a tooltip value to the side tab (separate from label) that appears on hover/mouseenter.

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Hey, how can i change the font in the side tab?


Hi, Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

What can i add inside the opened tab? Can i add everything for example shortcodes? More Screenshots of the admin settings would be useful.

What is “opened tab”? If you mean popup, please check this item – it is what is opened when you click Side Tab.

Is this extension compatible with the php version? I saw the link from my dashboard. But when i visited the page it’s being described as a wordpress extension.

Yes. It’s compatible.

Hello, The plugin is compatible with wpml translation plugin? Best Regards

Ok! Thank you for the quick answer! One more question, where I find a documentation about Layered Popups implementation with wpml?

There is nothing special. Just create different popups with different languages. Then you can assign certain popup for certain language. For example, on Settings page you can select onload popup for english language, then switch language (on top admin panel) and assign new onload popup for another language.

Thank you! Best Regards!

I´ve create a new Tab and popup and nothing happens on my page. Nothing with enjoy!!! On my Page settings under Active Tab there is only “Default tab” or “Subscribe to Newsletter” What is a default Tab???

Default Tab is what you set on General Settings page. If something doesn’t work, please provide access to WP dashboard and explain what exactly doesn’t work.

Everything is fine! thx, a little mistake at my side!