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hey there,

this is rather unique!

I could use something like this, but wonder: would this also work with keyboard (desktop) + touch/swipe navigation (mobile/tablet)?

thanks for any hint on that! oliver

ps – forgot: can the transitions between the slides be styled by css? I would like a real side-slide effect on the post-transitions. :-)

Good day and thanks for purchasing the plugin! The plugin supports touch device events, but it’s not fully responsive in low resolution deviceses, but it have the options in the admin panel, that’s allowed to hide side buttons on such devices. About keyboard navigation – unfortunately there is no such features for now, but I notice this idea and if will be more requests for it, I will add it in the future updates of the plugin. About transitions – here is necessary to clarify, about what exactly we are talking:

1) Transition effect between the current, next and previous wordpress posts? 2) Transition effect when the side panels with the posts is showing?

If we talking about first case then there is no such features, and it requires a lot more than just css. If we talking about second case then it can be done more or less easily – this transition effect maded by inline css, which is inserted by javascript. You need to modify the “/side-slider-post-navigator/assets/javascript/sspn.js” file, more accurately line between 34 to 38, this one:

WebkitTransition : 'left 0.3s ease-in-out', MozTransition : 'left 0.3s ease-in-out', MsTransition : 'left 0.3s ease-in-out', OTransition : 'left 0.3s ease-in-out', transition : 'left 0.3s ease-in-out'
and set transition effect time out.

thank you – I appreciate your fast feedback!

to clarify: yes I was talking about transition between posts. but I understand that this might be a lot of extra work. so, I was just wondering :-)

about keyboard navigation: that would be great. I will simply follow your updates on this.

thanks already for this helpful plugin! oliver


i Have probleme with plugin

See screenshot http://www.lalamoulati.net/31-10-2016%2011-51-38.jpg

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin! There is problem with the “dir=rtl”. To fix it, open the file “wp-content/plugins/side-slider-post-navigator/assets/css/sspn-style.css” and remove line 85, this one:

right: 5px;

I have another problem with link post

see screenshot http://www.lalamoulati.net/31-10-2016%2012-57-21.jpg

Could you provide the url of the page where this is occurs?

Hi, I have installed the plugin but the links do not work in the slider, they give ‘page not found’. The previous and next links work. Can you help. Thanks. John.

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin.

Could you provide the url of the page where this is happend?


Your plugin is it compatible with ajax loading ? Other question, I would like that buttons prev/next don’t overlap my header and footer when we scrolling, is it possible ?


About second question, simply put – yes, you can do this using css.

Hi, my theme use a fade transition page with ajax (Bridge theme), so your plugin will not work ?

I am not tested this plugin with the this specific theme, but if it used AJAX for preloading the pages, then most likely no, this plugin will not working with this theme.

Wow… This is nice!! However, I’ve too got a problem with the links in the slide-in-view. The links are ‘doubled’ like this: http://vendersgade6.dk/avenue/bikes/broadway-2/'http://vendersgade6.dk/avenue/bikes/airbase-2/' You can see full page here: http://vendersgade6.dk/avenue/bikes/broadway-2/

Thanks for any help!

Best, Morten

Awesome! Thank you for the quickest support ever :-) Now, I wonder if it’s possible to filter to show products only with same (specified) category or tag..?

Category or tags it is the taxonomies, you can specify them like post filter on the same “Extended Settings” tab by chosing them in the “Allowed post taxonomies” drop-down list. For example, if you select “Post Categories”, and then, when you open some post, the posts for side sliders will be selected from the same category that currently viewing post.

Amazing.., thanks a lot!!