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Awesome game, very addicting! :)

This is the development kit. Thank you ;)

Hi, great kit!! is simple to create, using your kit, an endless level? Thanks …

  1. UPDATE v2.0

- Supports all screen sizes (480p, 720p and 1080p)

- New folder “EXTRA” (several guides to export, placing advertisements and publish your game on all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows and many others ..)

Enjoy ;)

If I buy “Regular License”, I can own the source code of this application is not

Hello, no need to buy the license to open the file (source code) in the free version of Construct 2.

You will receive the .capx file (main file which contains the source code) and all images and sound.

TIP: Using the license, you can create events, levels and layers as you want.

hi…can slow down the game… do you provide how manual how to change the asset?


Hello, yes, all my work within the package has manual and guides you to export your game.

Hey, this game only have 1 level or the other levels are only locked on the preview? If i buy i will receive a version with all levels?

Hello, they are not locked, it is because I did one level demo. This is a package for you even ride your game, just replace the images (sprites) for their drawings and more riding you do. Has several sites with free Sprites on the web that you can use.

Hi, in this guides you teach to export to android and place ads? I never use c2.

Hello, is included several PDF guides, showing how places Ads (Admob) and other guides teaching exporting to Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, HTML5 Web and others. After purchase if you can not email me, I give you a support.

please send detail for places ADS .

Hello, send me an email, we talked about it

If i buy it, what something i get? Can i export the source code to unity?

Hello, this is an HTML5 game, use Construct 2 or 3 to open the project. Does not work with Unity.