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Hi, can a facebook log in be embedded inside? thanks

I think you can…

this looks great ! very useful :)

Thankyou Eric

Hi , so i purchased your module.. seems very complicated to use, or maybe my admin is all messed up in j3.2.1 (i dont want to update to 3.2 because it’s still beta)

Is your admin supposed to look like this? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84241329/joomla/sidepanel.jpg

There is no page placement in your module… please help, thank you.

i have been using joomla since the 1.0 days and i am very familiar on the releases of joomla versions and how they work. hardly anyone using 2.5 now days.. its all 3.1.5 and up.

you have advertized that your module supports 3.2x – i assumed you had tested it.

I will move on and find another one that works on the jed. i’ll ask envato for a refund. best of luck

That jquery bug fixed and updated package submitted.

You made it work great! I’ll keep it, thanks for being hands on!


I’m trying to register on your website to submit to the forum about a problem with the plugin I’m having but your captcha images aren’t showing so I can’t create an account or contact you via your site.

Hello I disabled recaptcha you can register now. thanks for feedback.

Good Work, wish you best sales

Thankyou very much.


CUW01 Purchased

Nice and fast support, really getting into details. Thank you very much!

Thanks for comment