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We’re changing the color of the background of our menu items and they aren’t changing. For example the “apply for services” menu item does not show the background color (I’ve verified that the transparency settings are correct)

Please advise…Thanks!

Please, check the cache

Hello, I would like to be able to share my website on facebook, google +, twitter and linkedin. (like in the live preview) What should I put in the link field? Thanks

Sorry I found how to do it. Thanks!

Is it possible to have a style for the menu on the right and another style for the menu on the left (talking about the Item width) ? Thanks

Not at the moment. We think that we will do this in the next version

Hello, I purchased your plugin. It works well for us, but we need two minor adjustments and hope you can provide assistance.

1) Change button layout to horizontal from vertical. 2) Disable the rollover animation (just need it static)


Hi! I have a problem with your plugin Side Menu.

Every item have trasparent background, why?

Can you show the page?

hi, there’s any plan (or actual way) to make this plugin compatible with WPML?

this is a really needing feature for a menu plugin

OK. We will do it in the next version

great :) we’ll wait for this big upgrade, thx :)


IMSware Purchased


With the last update, the backend disappeard.

And, yes, plugin de-/re-activated, cache refreshed. WP 4.7.

Any idea, what happend?

Kind regards

Can you add new item?


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What seems to be broken: List, Add new

What seems to work: Style, License (had to reactivate), Items, Extra, rate

—> strange: Frontend works, but the colors are not the colors set before; and some items are transparent.



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Your so right. RTFM…thanks! All solved :-)


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Maybe you should try this in your .htaccess

<FilesMatch “menu\.css”> Header set Cache-Control “no-cache” </FilesMatch>

That worked for me…



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I have the same issue as IMSware where List & add new does not work

Hello, sorry about this bug!!! The plugin is now fixed and is in the review queue.


JHHouse Purchased

Ok thanks

1) is there an option to allow the menu to permanently stay open when a user goes to a page, so it avoids the user having to hover over each menu item?

2) Can you set where each menu shows by Post Category ?

3) Right now in the demo, the menu floats to the left of the screen? Can this menu be set to float closer to a page instead of reaching to the far left of the monitor?

Hello. 1) It’s possible to set any menu item to always be opened (slided out)

2) It’s not possible to show by post category, but you can either enter the certain IDs of pages or posts you want the menu to show up, or the IDs you want to exclude and show the menu everywhere else

3) Sorry, it can only be placed to the very side of the window, left or right.

Transparency works perfect for the Menu item text, however, transparency is different for the icon next to it. See:

Also, can Icon be changed to left side of word?

Presently not possible change icon. The next version of the plugin will make this opportunity

so if i want to use an icon I cant use transparency? the transparency of the icon does change though….did you see my screenshot?

For the transparency, please give us a link to your website so that we can investigate.


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Hi. Is it possible to create multiple custom/external links?


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Just bought the side menu plugin. But i do think you should keep the appearance in the backend a bit cleaner. After install i noticed at least 3 useless buttons with content showing on which you try to sell your stuff. (items , extra, rate) Thats a bit much. And although you mention that you also have to buy the modal window to, its easy to miss that when reading….And…if your a programmer (which you are) you should made it so that the modal window option as type only shows when its actually installed.

Thank you. We will do this in the next versions


endemol Purchased

well i did bought it so lucky you…


endemol Purchased

Hello, not sure if its a bug but when choosing SHARE and i pick Facebook it automatically uses the : facebook-square However, i cannot use type facebook-f or facebook-official. I can select it but its not saved. Why is that?? If i change the SHARE to LINK i can use it. Predefined is not that smart when we can use so many icons. So whats the problem?

We will fix in the next version. Very soon

Your Plugin is not working on my site. Any color-changes I do are not shown. The first Item has the first two colors I choosed for the background, any other Item has the same colors but only for the text, these Items have no background-color. I cleared all caches, deactivated and reinstalled the plugin but the disfunction remained. It is not possible to change the colors.

I had the free Sidebar-Menu installed first and I than bought your pro version. May this cause any problems?

Can you show a page?

Problem solved: I erased all existing Items and made new menu-items. The new ones are now o.k.

I have just brought your product and when i enter my user name and Item Purchase Code I get the error: The USERNAME is wrong.

I even copy pasted the username on the license certificate, even though i know how to spell my own username.

How do i solve this issue?

Can you send Item Purchase Code, we will test


I´ve bought one license and I am happy with the ultimate modal windows and side menu. For another project I am testing the ultimate modal windows, before buying another license. It doens´t work. If you click on the side tab, the ultimate modal window doens´t open (link, print, share are in function). Do you have an answer for this problem?

I´ve made test – doens´t work!

Do you have another idea?

Try on default theme

Does the Side Menu support sub-menus(menus within menus) ? Rgds,


Hi Author, this is Alishah Fatima I have installed the plugin and wanted to make a side menu and add social icons to it but it isn’t WORKING i have add new menu but it isn’t saving it. Infact after saving it isn’t showing in the list section Kindly let me know about this, I have spent $21 but nothing as such comes up. Kindly let me know about this.


No problem. Request a refund and we will approve it

I’m sorry but how can I do that? and will I get the refund in my card or here in envanto?

You have to do request a refund on codecanyon


I am looking for menu like on the right. Sticky and minimal icon… Do you have this menu feature? I want to sticky menu background set black…


Hello, We will make a similar menu, but a separate plugin