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My Showoff gallery is at:

but I can’t control number of columns, e.g. if I type in 5 or 7 it doesn’t stop there and continues over to the right. Can you advise.

Also, can the image also be select as thumbnail or do i need a separate resized image for the thumbnail?

Thank you,



Make sure the shortcode is not wrapped in PRE tags.

Thank you. That fixed it.

Thank you. I closed the anchor tag, cleared browser cache, but the projects are still not showing :(

Close the strong tag as well.

Oh, DUH. Thank you for being my eyes today. More coffee definitely needed!

I have a question about creating a link to an open project box.

My category ID is 9, project ID is 85, and page number is 2. Based on earlier comments, I believe this would be the correct link:

I want to create a direct link to the “Avid” project’s assets, but this link isn’t working as expected. Thanks again.


Following link should open the first project from the list.

This is PERFECT, thank you. Since I tweaked the JS file, I’ll need to keep this in mind as new updates come out? Don’t want to overwrite this great customization…

New updates will have this code modification.


Great plugin, but Is there a way to modify the code to get rid of the automatic scroll down? It moves slightly too far down.

Thanks, Christian

You don’t have this input?

No, must be some kind of bug. It looks like this:

If you provide me with wp-admin and ftp access I can take a look what’s going on. You can PM to

I purchased this plugin. It’s installed correctly and I have categories created. When I try to create a new project the “Project Category” field is highlighted in red even though I have categories in the box and the plugin won’t allow me to click “Save Project”


Have you selected any of the categories from the categories’ list?

Yes, I’ve tried selecting one and also tried selecting two from the list. The field still get highlighted in red as if I haven’t chosen a category.

Is it possible to provide me with wp-admin to check it out? You can PM to

Hi is there any documentation to support this plugin? I am looking to use it on a few different pages but find the backend very confusing as it is spread over numerous pages with no description of what each section does.


Hi I am looking to have 8 individual “Read More” Links, one for each image. Is this possible? If so, how do I display these 8 images with their individual hyperlinks? Thanks

No, sorry the idea was all images in the project to refer to the same link.

This seems like the most basic of features to add. Can I have a full refund please as I have found the description of this plugin very missleading. Thanks.

I am trying to change the color of the thumbnail hover text. I have tried changing this in settings, but to no avail. The setting indicates that it affects the title and eye color – it is set to white, but the eye color is white, the title color is gray. I want to change the title color of the thumbnail on hover to be white. Thanks.


If the title color is not changing then I guess it’s overridden by the theme style.

You can change it manually by adding following css:

.showoff-project-thumbnail-hover p {
    color: #ffffff !important;

I have activated Showoff on my site. I was wondering if you have a really simple set of instructions for a WP novice? Explaining what each element does and how to make the show up on a page. Setting up a really simple, flashy site for a community group and for them to update and amend at will.



The plugin is pretty straightforward.

Firstly you will have to create at least one category in Dashboard -> Showoff -> Categories.

Then create your Projects from Dashboard -> Showoff -> Projects.

The form has following fields:

- Project Title

- Project Category ( You will have to create at least one category in the Categories section beforehand. )

- Project Thumbnail ( Your project’s thumbnail image. Recommended size is 500×500 )

- Project Image ( Project’s inner content images. These images are visible once the thumbnail is clicked. You can add more images from the button “Add more images” )

- Project Description ( Project’s inner content text / description / html )

- Read more link ( Optional link for further reading. For example if the project has external website (Facebook page for example) you can place the url here. Make sure the url starts with https:// or http:// )

To display the plugin on the front-end create new Wordpress Page and inside write the shortcode [showoff]

Do you support video portfolio? Or only images? Thanks!

Images only, although you can embed iframe video in the description.

Hi there, I’d like to show one project, opened on one of my pages. What shortcode would I use to do this?


showoff_project – Project ID

showoff_cat – Category ID

showoff_page – Page number

Link example: http://localhost/index.php?showoff_cat=0&showoff_page=2&showoff_project=1

This link will force the plugin to browse all categories, go to page 2 and to open project with id number 1

Sorry- that link you referenced does not work. Also, I’m looking for a shortcode to display one project within the content of my page…. not link to it. Does that make sense?

I see, sorry I don’t think we have such shortcode to display individual project.

The pugin does not work correctly with my site, if I click on one of the projects neither the text nor the project pictures are visible there is just a blank white space. I guess there is no possibility to write a personal mail or? The website is on a test server and protected by a password, otherwise i would have provide you with those information for logging-in.


Is it possible to provide me with access to the site? You can PM to

Have you checked for javascript errors in the browser console?

Hello Author, Thanks for designing this plugin I have two questions… I am having travel website with 500 cities listed on it… I am planning to shift make 500 individual Projects with each dealing with tourist destination of that place… So my question is converting my existing Data to this form will loose any SEO value ….of that page… since it is in form of shortcode and earlier on that page complete description was written…

Second, will adding another 500 Shortcodes slow down website … though data is allready their we are only changing its look to look mare attractive…

So after incorporation on page only one Ajax loading shortcode will remain. Though I am using Yoast premium plugin with Snippets and keywords for page… Kindly give an open advice..As this will require lot of hard work and several days of labor..


I’ve just made a small customization to the plugin which basically disables the ajax and allows you to PHP loop the projects object. Do you think you can make use of this customization? Perhaps Yoast has the necessary filters to attach the projects data? If so you can mail me to and I’ll send you the custom code.

Thanks… I had mailed you my ID is…

Hi, I’ve just purchased this item. I’m having issues with the image size. Please can you help?

The size of the thumbnail is very small, I’ve been looking through the comments section and read about changing the aspect ratio, I’ve had no luck.

Thank you

Hi, I’ve just purchased this item. I’m having issues with the image size. Please can you help?

The size of the thumbnail is very small, I’ve been looking through the comments section and read about changing the aspect ratio, I’ve had no luck.

Thank you


You don’t have to add the shortcode for every project. Just place it once.

Also you can set in the plugin general settings “Project Columns” to 1.

So is a project one element? As in one thumbnail?

Also, I want to make separate projects in different parts of the site. Is there no way of doing this?

Yes project is 1 thumbnail.

You can use the “cat” shortcode parameter.

[showoff cat=1,2,3]
[showoff cat=4]

cat – Category ids separated by commas

hello, it seems hover title isn’t well covering projects : i tried it will all plugs off and it’s still the same, any idea how to fix it? Thanks.

Hi, I’ll need link to the front-end to check the css.

resizing browser to its maximum to check responsiveness and then getting back full screen gives this : , any fix? Thanks.

Hello-I was curious how to change the default Project Image Size. Currently it’s much larger than I’d like it and I have a custom size that I need to use.


Either with some css styling or try to add the image as part of the description.

Pre sales question: Hello, I bought a theme with visual composer and am considering your plugin, but need to know if it works how I need.

I’m using newlife wordpress theme. They have a portfolio page that looks like this: They seem to have this set up using a portfolio widget from VC. I’d like to use parts of that functionality -the filter menus at the top of the page, the unique page in wp admin where I add each new portfolio item, and the link from the portfolio box to it’s own page. But, I want the portfolio boxes to flip like these and and yours.

I was able to create a flip box and a ihover box with visual composer. I didn’t see a way to add a filter menu -it seems I can do that with your tool? Does your tool also allow infinite scroll vs paging? And, if I use VC ‘portfolio’ and ‘flip box’ inside it or just flip box or ihover, is it possible to have your filter menu at the top of the page, and a unique page where each portfolio item resides with the ability to assign each one to a category? How would you do that?

I appreciate an answer.

Thank you!!!!!

Bottom line presales question: I really like your plugin. For flip boxes, does it allow the boxes to be assigned to categories and a filter menu at the top of the page?