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Hi – nice plugin.

I’m just having one issue which renders it pretty useless – it seems to be loading really slow.

Could just be the animations. I removed the css animation delay for (.showoff-project-thumbnail img) to try to speed it up – but still there’s around 7 seconds before they load. Seems to be slower on Chrome than Safari.

Any thoughts?

View here: Password protected page: comingsoon

I’m on a decent computer, decent internet connection and the server is fine (we use for multiple websites).




Just checked the site and I think it loads at reasonable speed given it sends ajax request on init.

I don’t think there is anything I can do. Perhaps we can add some sort of preloader so users won’t see a blank space.


First off, I have been wanting this plugin for so long! My purchase code is: 8f9598d9-d6ae-4ce3-84f1-f2e6f09e9c53

I am having a problem. since installing the plugin I have been getting the following error whenever I attempt to login to my WP.

The page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

If i remove my wordpress and reinstall it, it works fine until I intall the Showoff plugin. Is there anyway to fix this?


This is quite unusual error for this plugin.

Could you provide me with wp-admin and FTP credentials so I can check what’s going on?

You can PM to


pa6fik Purchased

Plugin is no loading, I have this error message in developer tools : Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

could you please help me ?

Are you using html inside the project description field? Do you have the php error log file?

Is there a way to preview the animations? Currently when I load the page, the images fade in (& page builds too slowly When I click on page 2, the images “fall down”, which I don’t like. How to change this? I only see one animation option in the settings and not sure what it affects.


You can change the animations from Dashboard -> Showoff -> General -> “Swap Animation” field.

I’d suggest you to decrease the “Projects Per Page” number in General settings

Thanks, appreciate the help!

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Hello! After installing the plugin I have ceased to drop-down menu on this page! I recorded a video link for you: What can I do to menu normally fall out? I can not ask the author’s themes, as license has expired.

I posted on the ftp-mail to you. I could not get

Issue should be resolved now.

Yes! All perfectly! Thank you!


covaun Purchased

Can this have multiple filters?


Only category filter.


covaun Purchased

Do you offer custom work, particulaly adding another filter?

No, sorry we can’t spare time for custom work at the moment.

I am using this plugin on a full width page and would like to use a dropdown menu to filter categories, vs. the default tabs at top (I will be adding multiple product categories, which will look very cluttered as tabs). How to change to a dropdown from tabs while keeping a full width page? Thanks.


Add this css to your stylesheet:

.showoff-categories {
      display:none !important; 

.showoff-categories-mini {
      display:block !important; 

One more question. Is there a way to allow for multiple-select from categories in the dropdown menu?

I would like to thank you for sending the showoff.tpl file, now I want to know if I should upload it as plugin into my WP, or I must install showoff plugin, and then import this file?

Okay, could you send me ftp and wp-admin credentials and I’ll set the page for you? You can mail to

I really appreciate your help on this issue, but I hope do it myself, could you help me with the clear step to do so! any way, I emailed you with the credentials. but as I mentioned I need to do such job each time I need to install showoff.

I drop you an email with my credentials

Hi, just bought the plugin… so far, so far…. almost :) I cant seem to wrap my head around how to get the “buttons” beneath the “project image”. I have uploaded a few pictures, however I need to click the picture to be able to scroll thru them.. what am I doing wrong? :)

Unless you expand your theme content wrapper to 100%, no. There simply isn’t enough space at the moment.

ok… I can make the module, which the code is in, full width. Would that help?

Or you can try something with css like:

.showoff {
    left: -10%;
    position: relative;
    width: 120%;

.showoff-content > ul {
     padding: 0 !important;

but I didn’t see the demo now like yours !! I see now just a blank page with title !

I am using Showoff on two different pages. On one of these pages, I want to hide the filter bar w/ dropdown menu. Is there shortcode that I can use to hide the filter bar on a single page? I don’t want to hide it globally. Thanks!


To turn off the menu outside the general settings use the shortcode attribute menu>

[showoff menu=0]

In general settings search for “Category Filter Type”. Check if it’s set to “standard”.

Thank you! Let me know also about how to hide non-selected categories vs. graying them out.

Nevermind…category filter type set to “standard” does the trick! Thank you again, appreciate your help!

Good day! Again, I appeal to you for help! How to display all podkatigorii on the page? I made a screenshot for you: Link to the page:

Do you plan to do in the future and rectangles in the screenshot:

You can do this now. Check Thumbnail Aspect Ratio property in the General settings.

excellent! Thank you!

Hi, We’d like to hide the inner content h4 title. Can you please assist? Thanks!


In your stylesheet add:

.showoff-project-inner-right > h4 { display: none !important; }

Hi Just curious – will this plugin allow for automatic update notification within WordPress admin?

Thanks for your reply – my question is more when logged into admin and when an update is ready will the plugin show that it needs updating from within my admin (either updates page or plugins page) or will i need to find out there is an update available from codecanyon? Thanks

I see. No there’s no internal notification. If there’s important/big update you’ll be notified by Codecanyon by e-mail.

Ok – thanks :-)


where can I find all shortcode please ?

I found it ! Now, I would like reduce size (height) of thumb image, how to do that ?


Check Showoff -> General Settings -> Thumbnail Aspect Ratio