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Is it possible to change the color of the loading icon/spinner?

This might seem really nit-picky, but the default color really clashes with the color scheme of my site.

Other than that, great plugin!

I’ll be leaving a great rating for it shortly.

Thanks so much in advance.


I was able to find the loader.gif file and just altered that.


Hope this helps someone else, too!

I’m sorry for the delay just waking up :) Great to know everything is okay now :)

Hi, I need the tiles to be mobile friendly, they just shrink. Is there any way I can stack them on top of one another on a mobile? URGENT


Open file plugins/showoff/site/js/showoff.js line 71 and 77 increase number 320 to something higher like 420 or 500 for example.

How can I force the order to display projects alphabetically?

Try editing \showoff\admin\class\showoff.php

line 616

... ORDER BY `title` ...

Is this plugin compatible with fusion builder? Many thanks

If it supports shortcodes then yes it should be.

Is it possible to reduce the time until the project titles are displayed? it takes about 10 seconds now.

see here:

thanks, Tobias


Reduce the perpage number in general settings from 100 to something like 10 or 8.

thank you, i didn’t want to have to switch pages. but i reduced it to 35, so it’s ok for me now.

but the behaviour is a bit strange: no matter how many projects are shown, the time until the title is displayed always depends on the perpage number. so also when there are only five projects shown, the delay is the same than for 35 projects.

Hi, is this plugin still being updated? Thanks


No, this plugin is no longer supported.