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Good module. Thanks. I’m planning to use it on my company site.

Thank you very much! Please let us know if you have any questions.

Hi guys,

I recently purchased the plugin and installed it successfully. Now, I’m playing with my slides and I have a couple of questions so far: 1. How to set an image to fit full slide? 2. Now I have to enter title. Is it possible to hide it? 3. Finally, I would like to reorder slides. Is it possible?

Sorry if it is already covered in docs. I couldn’t find it. Thanks!

Thank you so much for purchasing the module and for your questions.

> 1. How to set an image to fit full slide?

We will allow making any slide a Cover in the next version of the module. For now, we would recommend using CSS to set an image as a slide background. Simply add the following snippet to your slide body to achieve that: <style>img.background {position:absolute;top:0;left:0;z-index:-1}</style> Where “background” is a CSS class, which should be assigned to your image tag, e.g. <img class="background" href="" />

> 2. Now I have to enter title. Is it possible to hide it?

Sure, you may hide it through CSS as well: <style>#node-1 h2 {display:none;}</style> Where “node-1” is an ID of the first child element of your section.slide element.

> 3. Finally, I would like to reorder slides. Is it possible?

Currently slides are ordered by publication date of the Showerma Slide nodes so that the latest published node becomes the latest slide. You may change the order by changing the node publication date accordingly (Node settings -> Authoring Information -> Authored On). Moreover, if you are comfortable with Views and Fields configuration, you may want to add a Weight field to the Showerma Slide content type and adjust your view sorting criteria to sort by this field. However, the next version of the module will allow sorting slides through admin panel so we would not recommend building your own sorting mechanism right now.

We hope you find this information useful. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thanks again for choosing Showerma!

Great idea and good implementation. Installation and creating slides went without problems. As a feature request it would be very useful if there will be ability to customize theme or create another. I mean basic settings for font, font color, font size and background color. Also will be good to choose layout for slide: one column, two columns, image slide.

Good luck!

Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions!

Hi, I am thinking of purchasing this module, however, I am wondering if by any chance this product has an image field or how difficult would it be to add one so that images can be independent of the background.

The other thing, any plans in the future to add video to slides as well as text, slide and or image animation? excuse my ignorance if this product already contain these features, don’t think I have seen them in the description.

Thanks in advance.

Hi TWhitty,

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Yes, Prerequisites should be installed first. And it is actually a dependency of Core module. I am not sure why the system does not install Prerequisites first of all automatically. Weird :-(

Best, Konstantin

Hi Dexteny. The good thing is that the modules are working fine. When I enabled the module it attempted to automatically enable the pre-requisite module but a few tables are missing from the database somehow according to the error. Anyway, everything is working well providing we enable that module first.

Hi TWhitty,

It is great you have solved the problem.

Anyway, I have created the corresponding ticket on our bug tracker, so we will try to reproduce the error and fix it if possible.

Best, Konstantin

Nice product =)

@st1s Thank you.

Hi, we didn’t find the pdf print function, how to config it?

Hi @adamzhang100,

First of all, thank you for purchasing Showerma.

It has taken some time to notice your comment. Unfortunately, CodeCanyon does not notify us about the comments.

Regarding your question, to print a Showerma presentation you may want to use Google Chrome built-in feature called Print -> Save as PDF. Showerma supports this method quite well. See the screenshot http://showerma.dxtny.com/?full#8

If you have any other questions, I am happy to answer them.

Best, Konstantin