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Working fine except it is displaying almost overlapping, no matter what I set the picture size to.

I can’t get the pictures to go side by side.

It’s responsive, so the pic size should resize as well. Can I see your site?

I’d like to know how to integrate the Quizes on a non-wordpress page/site?

Maybe I can have a control panel on a wordpress site, but I’d like them to appear on some blank forms… pages..

Please advise… thanks!

It won’t work or show on other pages without WordPress.

Hi We have a big problems with your Plugin (Showdown 1.8): When we activate the plugin, Wordpress shows empty pages.

Log Error

Wed Apr 12 12:43:29.389396 2017 pid 19130:tid 139867199624960 AH01071: Got error ‘PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare ssl_srcset() (previously declared in /var/www/vhosts/iland2.com/bp.iland2.com/wp-content/themes/kleo/lib/theme-functions.php:2361) in /var/www/vhosts/iland2.com/bp.iland2.com/wp-content/plugins/wpshowdown/wpshowdown.php on line 61\n’

We use WP 4.7.3, KLEO Child Theme (lastest Version) and WP runs on SSL. Plesk 17.0.17 (PHP 7.0.17) on virtual server.

Please Help us!!!

Hi, we have a big problem in combination with theme “KLIO” the theme and the plugin are using the same namings so the site crashes immedialty when activiating the plugin. What to do? Rainer

If a theme is using the same naming conventions for any JavaScript than I suggest you contact the theme developer to offer you a fix to change the name of the clashing JS.

I don’t think we’ve ever had an issue with theme clashes before so I suggest you contact the theme developer about this.

Website is iamthrichestperson.com. We were looking at using the auction theme from SiteMile, however came across this and have a couple of questions. First of all, the contest is simple. Someone in a particular area (city, state, zip) signs up and pays, or bids, a certain amount. That makes them richest person. Until someone else comes by, searches, sees that, either signs up or signs in, then pays a higher amount, making them the richest person. A battle, for all intents and purposes. Each user can continue to search, check and make another payment to become the richest person (or reclaim that honor) for their area. Can your plugin accept these payments. They aren’t going into an escrow or hold account like an auction. They are paying and the money is paid to the site owner. The next time they play, they pay money, and again it goes to the site owner. A vanity game. Again, can the plugin handle this? Any additional requirements. Can it tie in to an auction theme? please inform. Reply by email. My skype is shane_hunt@live.com

Sorry, it can’t be used for your purpose. Would require a lot of customization.


TXTFox Purchased

Can it battle between woocommerce products? We purchased it but it seems it doesn’t do that.

Hi, I just uploaded v2.0. Awaiting approval.


TXTFox Purchased

I just installed 2.0 how do we associate this with a woocommerce product?

Please check our documentation: http://showdownplugin.com/documentation/

The part on ‘Using Your WooCommerce Products’ explains how to set it up and use it.

If it compares Buddypress user avatar, I buy it immediately.

No, it doesn’t.


please, is possible to have more battles of product groups in a single place? (Not in succession, but in one battle).

For example:

Audi x BMW (if battle of these two groups ends, next battle starts in same place) Boeing x Airbus (if battle of these two groups ends, next battle starts) Suzuki x Honda

Let me know.

Thank you.


Hi, You can use it to put two opposing opponents against each other. But the software cannot then load two ‘exact’ opponents after it.

So if you want you can put all of them in a ‘Group’ and they will compete randomly against each other. Hope that helps.

I’m having trouble getting the pictures to show up at the size I’ve set… they’re all showing up much larger. Here’s the site: http://capwisehockey.com/1905-2/

I’ve set it to 50×50 for ShowDown images. Am I doing something wrong?

I changed it to 150×150 and it’s still blowing out the images to a much larger size…

Is this the support I paid for, I should I be reaching out elsewhere?

This may be a theme issue then, not related to our plugin. Can you try it out on a default theme and see if you get the same issue.

Is it possible to end the battle when all images have been displayed? It starts again and again from the beginning and that is in my case not to use. :-(

The plugin is based on a random algorithm, so there is no particular ‘end’ that can be set. That choice is left to the user, who decides to stop viewing/voting once they’ve had enough.

This plugin appears to be untested with Wordpress 4.9.x.

If I install it and it does not work, am I eligible for a refund?

An update has just been uploaded that works with the current version of WordPress, our main site also runs on the latest version of WordPress and it’s working as expected.

Seems to be broken with current version of Wordpress.

An update has just been issued for the current version. Once the upload is approved you will get an email from Envato about it.


Hi, great plugin but I have a question. When I assign a winner the page ‘scrolls’ down a few lines messing with my theme (scrolls to far down), any solution to change that height or disable it?

Can you show me your site so I can take a look and offer a solution?