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Hi, Is it possible that the user must pay to submit a photo? And also it can add a link to its website or its Facebook page etc.

You can use a member plugin to allow users to pay to register. Then the User Submit add-on we have can be set to only allow registered users to submit.

Yes you can add a link to a website or Facebook page for the featured image.

I need help asap. I just bought showdown, but when installed i cant get the module “blog” to work. It just keep working and showing 502 after a while.

anything i can do?

Need quick help or i must find other solution.

Hi, you did not buy it through here so you cannot post on this forum. Please visit the support page on our website. Thanks.


lampm Purchased

(1) On my yay/nay results page it shows the votes as like 2.7 points instead of 27. How do I change this to show the correct points (IE 27)

(2) None of the styling colors are showing up when changed the colors

Are you talking about the results like this page here: http://test.weborithm.com/showdown/hot-or-not-stats/

Try clearing your browser cache and reload the page again.

What kind of videos are supported in the Battle of the Videos feature?

Customization of that sort will cost a bit more as it would require much more time. You can contact us via our profile page to discuss further.

I sent you a message and I havent heard anything back…

We did reply back to you. Please check your spam folder just in case.


pmora Purchased


I’m trying to translate the frontend of the plugin to Spanish idiom, but there are words that do not can translate. I’m using the locotranslate plugin for translations and they cannot find all words such as widgets, Number of wins, Number of losses, skip,...

Thank you


pmora Purchased

I found it, did not see the plugin options, but i can’t translate Number of wins, Number of losses and wins (widget)

Sorry about that. Please open up showdown_engine.php and change the strings in the file itself.

You’ll find it at around line no. 137/138.

There are three strings there:

1. Number of wins: 2. Number of losses: 3. Number of draws:

We’ll update this on our next version release.


I am using your plugin on this page. http://www.firstimpressionsfeedback.com/profile-picture-feedback/

It throws internal server error sometime on this page. ShowDown WordPress Plugin is only on this page and this issue is occurring only on this page. When I remove your plugin, page works fine. Can you please look into it?


Use our profile form to send us an email. You can also copy the email from there to send a separate email.

Hello WPplugins,

I sent you email 2 times with error logs from your our profile form. Please check it and respond to me regarding this.

I replied both times. Here’s our replies:

1. Move the site to a more high powered server. A large number of Wordpress sites are hosted on shared platforms which provide only a small amount of memory and processing power. Moving to a VPS would give the site more chance of executing the content on the page.

2. Reduce the load on the site. Any unneeded plugins should be disabled and consideration given to which plugins cause load on the system. If the site is set to auto refresh auctions, this should be turned off to reduce load on the server.

Hello, I am interested in this plug in. I want something like this but I want to do it for music. Specifically I wants to be able to insert the embed codes from soundcloud and let people vote on tracks. Is this something I can do with this plug in? Or how much would it cost to make this plugin for me?

Thank you!

Yes, you can embed the file in the Competitor write area (since it’s a custom post type powering the contestants) and just have the shortcode show the ‘description’. It will then show the content you’ve embedded in the write area, our video battles work like this and I’m sure it will work the same for the clips as well.

Here’s an example I made for you submitted via the User Submit using the WordPress code provided by SoundCloud – http://test.weborithm.com/showdown/competitors/sound-test/

Thanks! Hey if i wanted something custom, could you make it ? If so how can I get in touch with you to discuss the project.

Via our profile.

I download your pluging but im missing the Nay/Nay: Choice option

PS: Why I downloaded the 1.7 version if you writhe on description that the current version is 1.8?

It’s v1.8, the backend was not updated to reflect that. Sorry about the confusion. What you have is the latest version.


sikpup Purchased

Is there anyway to set the rankings to win percentage instead of total wins? It would be more beneficial for me since it’s chosen at random to have them ranked & listed by winning percentage. Thank You

No, there isn’t.

Just bought the plugin. I am doing a yay or nay competition and I would like users to be able to share a link to the actual voting page. Currently it goes to the competitor page with no way to vote. Can I accomplish this use case?

Hi. Is this purely a head to head battle between 2 videos. I want to offer 10 videos and for my visitors to vote for their favourite. thanks

Great plugin but (like many others) I would have love to see an average score for the hot or not widget. I just made it myself and would like to share.

In showdown_widgets.php find the first $loop part and change the meta key to ‘total’ $loop = new WP_Query( array( 'post_type' => 'competitor', 'order' => 'DESC', 'orderby' => 'meta_value_num', 'meta_key' => 'total', 'groups' => $group_name, 'posts_per_page' => $number ) ); break; In the same file look for the part: echo '<p>'.$hotcaption.': '.$hotvotes.' <br /> '.$notcaption.': '.$notvotes . '</p>'; } else { Add the following below: $points = (get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), 'points', true) + 0); $shown = (get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), 'shown', true) + 0); $total = $points / $shown; echo '<span class="total">' . round($total, 1) . '</span>'; In showdown_engine.php look for: $points = get_post_meta($whoshot, 'points', true); $points = $points + $newpoints; update_post_meta($whoshot, 'points', $points); wps_update_history ( $whoshot, 'points', $newpoints, $lastIP ); Add the following below: $total = get_post_meta($whoshot, 'total', true); $total = $points / $shown; update_post_meta($whoshot, 'total', $total ); wps_update_history ( $whoshot, 'total', '', $lastIP );

That’s it and gives you a top 10 with their average score in stead of the total points. :) Great plugin by the way!

Thanks for offering your expertise and sharing with the community. I’ll test this out and either incorporate as an option or include it our Documentation.


lampm Purchased

On the Yay or Nay section, I have it set up so someone cannot vote again. Is this possible to do either of these things either now or in future update:

(1) If already Voted, Set up in backend to allow them to vote only once an hour, once a day, once a week or only once (until you clear the votes?)

(2) IMPORTANT. When someone has already voted on a photo and they click yay or nay it comes up with the tagline ‘You have already voted on this Competitor’. How can you have it come up with the photo and how many yays and nays it have ALONG WITH THE Already Voted statement. It is aweful just to have the statement.

(3) Also, is there a way to have the battle stats for the individual competitor be placed on another page (say with shortcode – I have unique pages created for each competitor and would like to show the codes there without linking to the showdown plugin competitor page)


Thank you for your feedback. At present we’ll consider your requests and if it fits with our road map, or if enough people also ask, we will try and integrate your suggestions.

Hi is it the battle-ode possible, that the winner is one of the pictures in the next round? I hope you understand me..

You can’t set the winner to be the one showing up always, as it’s random.

But there is an option to have one ‘Competitor’ be the chosen one that all other ‘Competitors’ have to compete against.

Hope that helps.

Hi, it is possible, that every image shown only one time in a battle. And after the last image we have a “winner”?

Sorry the plugin does not come with such a feature.

Hello, I’m thinking on buying this plugin but first I would like to know if you are planning to do new updates to it and what could you possible add to it. Thank you

We update the plugin regularly, as you can see from our comment history and changelog as well.

New features are based on ideas we think most of the users would like. We take suggestions, and implement those we feel will benefit a larger user base in the long run.

Any word if showing the stats using vote percentage worked? Also is there a simple code to have the statistics shown have a minimum of 10 votes for example?

Do you have a demo of the text vs text battle? Would like to see what that looks like, with the top ranked choices.

Is there an admin demo? Thanks

Text vs Text is simply allowing the shortcode to show the ‘description’ of the ‘Competitor’ generated via the shortcode generator.

This will show all the content you’ve put into the ‘Competitor’ post area.

You can view the admin demo screenshots here, at the bottom: http://showdownplugin.com/documentation/

Does this work with woocommerce?

If you mean by will it clash with WooCommerce, we use standard coding practices set by WordPress…so don’t see any reason why it would clash.

Hi, I have some pre-purchase questions:

1. Is it possible, in hot or not mode, to have the results displayed in percentages instead of in numbers?

2. Is it possible to show or hide, when needed, total number of voters, for the chosen image?

Thank you.