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Hi, I dont have any SVG experience, am I able to edit the content with simple HTML?

Thank you.

No, If you want to edit .svg you can, the properties of SVG can be edited with Adobe Illustrator, Considering not get out of the artboard. When editing SVG files, keep in mind not to rename them, or else you lose the link on .html file and Edge file.

When you reopen the .Html or Edge (.an) file, changes will be made.

If you have diicultades with illustrator, you can find video tutorials on the net.

It’s very simple to do. ;) I hope I have been helpful :)

Hello, i just bought this animation, Is it possible to make the “icon” area clickable in order to open links?

thank you Gabriele

Not at all ;(, could you please provide me some guide lines to do this? I just need to do this little customization (and some AI also but i’m confidend with it)

Moreover it there some documentation about how the entire package works? It’s quite difficult to find out how to customize it without documentation.

Sincerly Gabriele

Sure! Each element on the Stage can have its own events and actions. Insert code for individual elements from the far-left column of the Timeline or Elements panel. The Open Actions button is indicated by a set of curly bracees.

    1.In the Timeline or the Elements panel, click the Open Actions button for the first thumbnail element, button.

    The script panel for button opens. (A menu of options automatically opens, displaying the events that are possible for the button)

    • 2.Select the first option: click.
    • Edge Animate adds a click tab at the top of the panel with an empty script pane and available snippets.

        3.Select the Links options.
        • 4.Change Url.
        • Please let me know if I was helpful. :)

Thanks a lot, i’m downloading the software in order to edit the file :) i’ll keep you up to date :)

Hi, i purchased the file and trying to use it for a responsive web design.. what i have to do to set it right for this kind of web design?

Can you help me please?

Sorry for late, do you have experience with Edge animate?

Hi Nathan, I just purchased the file and I’m trying to implement it in my PHP & HTML website, I don’t have any experience with Edge animate but I can figure my way around illustrator to make the necessary changes but I’m concerned about the fact that I can’t seem to implement it in my website.

I have copied the scripts you have in the ShowCase.html file in the root directory in my header and placed the div element inside the body and I got this: http://perceptivemind.com.au/products/percoffice2

Please assist, thank you. Kind regards, Nick.

I’m not seeing what you see in your screenshot, all what I can see on the source of the thetraininggrounds.com is this:

<!-Adobe Edge Runtime-> <script type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8” src=”ball-bouncing-banner_edgePreload.js”></script> <style> .edgeLoad-An_ball-bouncing-banner { visibility:hidden; } </style> <!-Adobe Edge Runtime End->

And this is what you have in ShowCase.html

<!-Adobe Edge Runtime-> <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=Edge”> <script type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8” src=”edge_includes/edge.5.0.1.min.js”></script> <style> .edgeLoad-EDGE-20043545 { visibility:hidden; } </style> <script> AdobeEdge.loadComposition(‘ShowCase’, ‘EDGE-20043545’, { scaleToFit: “both”, centerStage: “both”, minW: “0”, maxW: “undefined”, width: “1280”, height: “620” }, {dom]}, {dom </script> <!-Adobe Edge Runtime End->

And it looks the same to me.

I copied exactly what you had in the HTML file and that didn’t work. Can you propose a solution instead of asking me to come up with one?

Generally, the correct use of Edge animations is using iFrames. to not cause conflicts (Probably with jquery).

Use iFrames, the showcase is responsive, and also, the responsive can be modified within the edge Animate

Thank you but I don’t think that using an iframe is a solution

dear boss,

can you send to us pictures like before, How we can change the text on the icons by adobe illustrator

please dear

If you have problems with fonts, do this:

Create Outlines

Or Shift+Command+O

Step 4: Refresh the website and done :grin:

Thanks a lot dear Boss :) Rely apricate your support