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where is demo , please?

I couldn’t make it work. Neither me nor any one can send/receive messsage. I also did the things in troubleshooting but it still isn’t working..

I solved the problem.

Here is the other problem which I failed to solve. It doesn’t show colorful writing.

we need updates.. the ban system screw up! only 1 ban entry can be added. Bigrosslab please update it.

How do I change colors, editing the .css appears to do nothing?

Hi, does this script work ok now? Thanks.

i would love a demo too :)

I have a wordpress site but the chat box only shows on the home page footer and it is only part showing on the other pages

This is pre sale question.

My website host does not allow chat system.

Can I install your system in another host and use on my website?

Any chance of a user list?

Where is the demo?

What demo ?!? There is no demo…

Hi bigrosslabs, Can I install this chat in a wordpress theme? Thanks

Can this work without someone typing a name ? I mean that i want the field “USER” filled auto with current logged in user name. Any one who bought it knows if this is possible ? Thank you!

waiting update!!!

I am not sure that this user even gets any emails or updates from anything said here seems all there URL’s are dead, there twitter account is dead, I could be wrong but I not sure they are about any more it seems all these shoutbox’s are dead :(

Not sure if this is still active, but I know it mentions no mysql required, but does it come with mysql installation?

If i use script on different webpages of the same domain do i have to create a data base for each one?

waiting update

where is shoutcloud version 2? is way past 2013


orig921 Purchased

How can I change the message listing to descending by time?