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TO POTENTIAL BUYERS: I would like to say that this script works with no problems. The issues I was having in the comments above were caused by my hosting provider, GoDaddy.

GoDaddy’s shared hosting sets the database server to strict mode (Google it if unfamiliar) and this prevents all scripts from writing to the database unless a value is passed for every column. A few minor adjustments with Miguel’s help we found a way around this server setting and the script is running great, like it should.

I am very pleased that Miguel worked with me to find a way to work around GoDaddy’s server setting. Again, the problems I was having were not caused by the script but with my hosting provider.

thanks for your help

I want to buy shotbly. How I can do that? Which version is stable? Do you fix all bugs from ShotPro engine?(I think it is similar products) leonid.kurov@gmail.com

Hi, I just sent you an email

Hey Hey…. Nice script. Hey, I’m just wondering if you have plan to add shopping cart in it? Also if you have plan to add pay users options? Thanks…

The script is focused for users to show their work, Dribbble style.


How to change welcome message, “Welcome to ShotPro, Community of Designer Pro” I can not find it on admin panel. Thanks.

Hi, find this file:

app \ lang \ en \ misc.php

line: 299



have you Plan any new Features?


Hello, what functions would you like me to add


have you Plan any new Features?


Hello, at the moment there is no update, this attentive.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Hello, better thing to implement is “Braintree”

It can also be considered

extension=php_openssl.dll extension=php_pdo_firebird.dll extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll extension=php_pdo_oci.dll extension=php_pdo_odbc.dll extension=php_pdo_pgsql.dll extension=php_pdo_sqlite.dll

i have a cloud and must configure plesk by my own .. its one of this extensions to enable pdo? will there be complications during installation?

If installed PDO will have no problem, verify that it meets all the requirements of the script

hello i previously had problems installing a script my cloud provider dont give any suppport .. and to be honest i dont know what is pdo thats why im asking .. i know its in php.ini thats it …requirements ?1

Hi, I honestly do not know how to guide you because I do not know any details of what you mention


XxWdwqd Purchased


I have a problem when installing database named shotpro , shotpro created but error on phpmyadmin

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `admin` ( `id` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `user` varchar(100) NOT NULL DEFAULT ’’, `name` varchar(100) NOT NULL DEFAULT ’’, `pass` varchar(200) NOT NULL DEFAULT ’’, `status` enum(‘active’,’approval’,’trash’) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘approval’, PRIMARY KEY (`id`), KEY `User` (`user`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 AUTO_INCREMENT=2 ;


XxWdwqd Purchased

when I go to url/login

Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found. 1/1 NotFoundHttpException in RouteCollection.php line 161:

in RouteCollection.php line 161
at RouteCollection->match(object(Request)) in Router.php line 755
at Router->findRoute(object(Request)) in Router.php line 610
at Router->dispatchToRoute(object(Request)) in Router.php line 596
at Router->dispatch(object(Request)) in Kernel.php line 267
at Kernel->Illuminate\Foundation\Http\{closure}(object(Request)) in Pipeline.php line 53
at Pipeline->Illuminate\Routing\{closure}(object(Request)) in CheckForMaintenanceMode.php line 46
at CheckForMaintenanceMode->handle(object(Request), object(Closure)) in Pipeline.php line 137
at Pipeline->Illuminate\Pipeline\{closure}(object(Request)) in Pipeline.php line 33
at Pipeline->Illuminate\Routing\{closure}(object(Request)) in Pipeline.php line 104
at Pipeline->then(object(Closure)) in Kernel.php line 149
at Kernel->sendRequestThroughRouter(object(Request)) in Kernel.php line 116
at Kernel->handle(object(Request)) in index.php line 54

the home page is displaying only Laravel


XxWdwqd Purchased

maybe is because the server is laravel 5.3 ?

to use the script laravel 4.2 is needed to install ? instead of 5.3 ?

Hi, sorry for the late response, it has nothing to do with sending the cPanel data to my email to see what happens…

Hello, how i can found this Function: “Invitations by email”. Can`t found it in your Demo. Thanks for helping.

The demo has been disabled

Where i can find this function?

Hi, from admin panel

Hello sir,

Please this is a pre-purchase question, i love this theme but i want to use it for a purpose different from what is there. I am using it for a food social network site, i want to know if i cant get a template or layout without the function or how easy is it to use the layout to design my stuff. I already have an mobile app want to convert it to web app. Thank you

Hello, do you just want the script template?


Vito227 Purchased

Will you be making any updates to this software?

Hello, for the moment there is no update on the way, it is pending Stripe add but I do not know when it can come

Thank you

Hi, I am very interested in purchasing this script. Looks great! Is it possible to add an auto-complete feature in the “Designer search” so that as one starts typing a country or state, it provides suggestions? This is because in the demo, when if you enter “USA” for example, you cannot get results of designers who have their country stored as “United States”. Would be nice to make this search a little more “intelligent” (if I may say so). Is this something you plan to implement?

Hello, from the page designers you can search by country and skills

Yes, but I mean adding the google auto-suggest or twitter’s TypeAhead that provides suggestions as the user types in the search word

Hello, I understand I will take into consideration.

Thank you.

How does a Team member a shot to a Team? Right now, when a team member posts a shot, it shows up under the person’s name and not a team. So what is the use of belonging to a team?

The shot appears in both profiles, both in the team and in the profile of the user who publishes it

Please help me on this. im using v2.1

hi, problem solved. ignore the above message.

Hello, any other problems let me know

User can like his/her own shot. How to stop that?

Hi, do you want a personalization?

would it be called personalization?

what is your plan for next update or you don’t have any plan for future update of this script?

At this moment I do not have an estimated date for the next update

Do you have language support in turkish language?

Hello, to translate the script you should only edit some files

Hello, Does your “ShotPro” script include infinite scrolling instead of classic pagination? I’d like to use it everywhere (main page, profiles and everywhere where the classic pagination is). Thank you, Martin

Hi, classic pagination

ErrorException (E_UNKNOWN)

mcrypt_encrypt(): Key of size 10 not supported by this algorithm. Only keys of sizes 16, 24 or 32 supported Open: /home/u7360333/public_html/id/bootstrap/compiled.php

$value = base64_encode($this->padAndMcrypt($value, $iv));
    $mac = $this->hash($iv = base64_encode($iv), $value);
    return base64_encode(json_encode(compact('iv', 'value', 'mac')));
protected function padAndMcrypt($value, $iv)
    $value = $this->addPadding(serialize($value));
    return mcrypt_encrypt($this->cipher, $this->key, $value, $this->mode, $iv);
public function decrypt($payload) ,

what should I do ???, I do not understand at all, please help

Hi, did you buy the script? Because you do not see your buyer’s label