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Hello friend, this script support https ?


Hi, yes

Hi, first I want to apologize to all my clients, I have had problems and it was difficult to give support and make updates.

I’m back and I hope you have a little more patience to solve your problems and clarify your doubts.

Many thanks to all the customers who still trust me.

Sincerely, Miguel Vasquez


I am very interested in buying your product but I have a question May I ask what is the version of Laravel you are coded for Shotpro?

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Regards, Mohammed

Hello, the current version is 4.2

Thank you. I have sent a direct massage to you please check

I just answered your email


I’m seeing this error:


What can it be?

Thank you.

OK I understand. I would very much like to already use the script and then just update it with the new version, but I understand its side. Thank you.

No problem, be attentive

Please are you going to do any update soon?

Hello, for now there are no pending updates

Please I would like to know the version of laravel used

Hi, 4.2

Hi I want to know Do you support other languages .. Thank you :)

Yes, you should edit some files

Hi I’m interested in checking out your product but wanted to know if there are any libraries that are being used that would stop me from migrating this to 5.0 or even 5.4? or any other breaking changes I might not be aware of . for reference https://laravel.com/docs/5.0/upgrade thanks

Hello, if it is possible but it would take time, I plan to upgrade but I do not know when I can come

Hi, I have sent you an email for support, please advise.

Hi, I just answered your email

Please can you make an app for this as a customized paid service?

Hi Miguel, i’m going to buy your script but i’ve just a question…Is it possible infinite scrolling instead “next page” ? I don’t know very well Laravel framework, so i don’t know if it support this function and how to implement in your script. Can you help me if i have some trouble?

Is there any chance of release an update?

Hello, I spoke with you the other day about a purchase I had made in another account. I need to deploy the option to upload videos, 360º photos and support 3d objects like sketchfab. If I buy again do you help me add these options? I also need to make other modifications, such as removing the price to publish jobs and adding free option. If you can do it please tell me how much it will cost. Thank you.

Is it possible to add the functionality to add an image/attachment to a comment on another post? Then I would definitely buy the script.

When I try to save changes in the admin account, I get the following error:

ErrorException (E_UNKNOWN) Undefined index: location

Open: /app/controllers/UserController.php $skills = Str::slug( $inputs[“skills”], $separator = ’,’ ); $skills = implode(’,’,array_unique(explode(’,’, $skills)));

$user           = User::find( $id_session );
$user->name     = trim( $inputs["full_name"] );
$user->bio      = trim( $bio );
$user->location = trim( $inputs["location"] );
$user->hire     = $inputHire;
$user->email    = trim( strtolower( $inputs["email"] ) );

When I reload the page, the location field is uneditable and shows the text: Oops! Something went wrong.

Inspect Element shows: Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError

1. If this is purely a Google Maps API problem, where can I go set the API keys? 2. How can we hide this much error data from users in future for security reasons?

Hello this system is awesome, but i cant seem to find the admin section. I really need to know how it works and how things are managed there too. And is there a way of adding videos to the website also, just short videos i mean. Thanks

Is this script still have support?