Shorty URL shortener

Shorty URL shortener

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Shorty is a WordPress plugin for creating a minimalistic URL shortener service.


  • Can embed an URL shortener form into pages or posts, including custom post types.
  • Adds an URL shortener to the admin area.
  • You can use a shortcode, PHP API or a widget.
  • 5 styles – Basic, Minimal, Metro, Plastic, Goo.
  • Stores different users’ shortened urls and stats privately.
  • Users don’t need to be logged in to track their shortened URLs.
  • Auto-updatable.
  • You can use a separate short domain separate from your usual one.
  • Feel free to ask for new features!
  • Custom URLs available from 1.0.2 release.
  • Automatic post’s URL shortening on publishing ( can become Available from 1.0.2 release.
  • Configurable REFERER tracking available from 1.0.3
  • You can redirect users to an advertisement page before showing shortened URLs to earn some cash. Minimal efforts required to do that (changing one option and using a shortcode).

A problem with HTTPS

Recently, a lot of people are reporting problems when using Shorty with HTTPS. That happens because the CodeCanyon download is somehow broken. If you’ve faced with such an issue – just drop me a private message and I’ll send you a correct version.

Shorty URL shortener - 1  Shorty URL shortener - 2


Shorty was only released a couple of days ago. I am doing my best to make it flawless, but bugs happen. If you faced one – feel free to ask at the Comments tab or contacting me directly. I mostly respond within the same day and fix problems pretty fast.

System requirements

  • WordPress 3.1. WordPress 3.3 or above is recommended.
  • Minimum required PHP version is 5.2.
  • IE8+, modern versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera supported.


  • Shorty adds an “URL shortener” widget that can shorten current page url and allows to copy it. You can add it to the widgetized area using Appearance -> Widgets section of the admin area.
  • use [shorty] shortcode to show a full url shortener form at any page or post. Parameters available are: skin – one of “basic”, “minimal”, “plastic”, “metro” or “goo” – selects a skin used. Default value is set at the settings page. table – “true” to show a table with previous urls shortened, false to hide it. use_current_url – if the form should default to current page url button_text – “Shorten” button alternate text url_placeholder – a placeholder for URL field. “http://” by default
  • use [short_url] shortcode to show a shortened url for the current page.
  • use [shorty_this] shortcode to show a “shorten this page url” link skin – one of “basic”, “minimal”, “plastic”, “metro” or “goo” – selects a skin used. Default value is set at the settings page. stats – “true” to show a table with previous urls shortened, false to hide it. button_text – “Shorten” button alternate text
  • use [shortlink] shortcode to create a shortlink. It will work pretty much the same way as A tag does: is a shortlink to Google[/google] The result will look the next way: <a href="" target="_new" title="Google">This is a shortlink to Google</a>


  • use <?php $shortened = sho_shorten(‘your url’) ?> to receive a shortened version of any url.

= Installation =

  • Unzip the archive (probably, you have already done that :)).
  • Copy `shorty` directory to wp-content/plugins subdirectory at your wordpress installation.
  • Activate Shorty plugin from the WordPress admin panel by clicking Plugins, then “activate” next to Shorty plugin.
  • The plugin is active! You probably will want to change some settings.
  • Log in as admin (probably you already are).
  • Go to Settings -> Shorty, change what you need to be changed.
  • Feel free to ask for support! My email is and usually I respond on the same day.