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Hi again, I’ve tested on another domain and its works. but not on the domain I want it to :(


If you want me to help you with the problem on the first server – please provide me an access as I need to know more about the config. If you want me to help with the second or third server – please confirm you have licenses for all of them and give me at least their URLs.


Can You confirm that this plugin is working with SSL and letsencrypt? Nginx and latest WP. My servers is not a play ground.

This plugin can work with SSL if the site is set up correctly. I can’t answer about letsencrypt, because the issue you faced with is caused by WordPress-side configuration, not protocol used.


Please refund me, I will look for something else. Thanks.

Authors cant initiate refunds. Thanks.


Westlir Purchased

1- It’s working with the current version of WordPress and php7? 2- What will happen if I deleted the plugin the short urls will not work anymore? 3- Can use it with https sites?

Be careful about 3 because I reviewed all comments and as I understand many users say that the plugin not working with https sites.

1-it’s working without any issue thank you but are you sure that I don’t need to do anything more to be sure 100% that it’s working? Just to be sure that everything okay for users.

2- what about if I use a cache plugin like the w3 total cache?

Thank you :)

1. You can do a testing. Shorten something, open it in the browser and see if it works. 2. I’m about 99% sure it will just work fine.

I have one thing to ask you for… Can you please leave a review telling that SSL and other things DO work, and that hater guy is just a hater? :) It matches the truth and would help me, big time.