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Hi again, I’ve tested on another domain and its works. but not on the domain I want it to :(


If you want me to help you with the problem on the first server – please provide me an access as I need to know more about the config. If you want me to help with the second or third server – please confirm you have licenses for all of them and give me at least their URLs.


Can You confirm that this plugin is working with SSL and letsencrypt? Nginx and latest WP. My servers is not a play ground.

This plugin can work with SSL if the site is set up correctly. I can’t answer about letsencrypt, because the issue you faced with is caused by WordPress-side configuration, not protocol used.


Please refund me, I will look for something else. Thanks.

Authors cant initiate refunds. Thanks.

1- It’s working with the current version of WordPress and php7? 2- What will happen if I deleted the plugin the short urls will not work anymore? 3- Can use it with https sites?

Be careful about 3 because I reviewed all comments and as I understand many users say that the plugin not working with https sites.

Hello, please can I add anther slug before the shortcode? example www.site.com/s/Jds3/ rather than www.site.com/jds3/

There’s no built-in setting for that, but you can do that by editing inc/rewrite.php file.


Could you help me please and tell me what’s the line that’s needs edit?

I cannot seem to get the URL shortener to work, and i am guessing it could be a problem that my website runs over SSL. I am getting errors about running “unsafe scripts”

Whenever I click Shorten, everything seems to freeze and a short URL is not outputted.

Hello! Can you please send me your site details so I could take a closer look?


Thanks. I’ve just sent you a message.

Hi, I’m trying to use your plugin in a custom template. But it not works well. Is there a php code to use? I need to import something?

This is the page, tanks in advance


Hello! The shortener page seems to work correctly now. Can you please describe steps to reproduce the issue you faced with?

Hi, I tried with a new theme and it has worked. Anyway, when I click on “load more”, for the first time it loads the first 5 link again. Then it loads the others links.

Sorry my bad English

Please drop me your site details using a private messages – I’ll take a closer look at the config.


Same issue as above. The form doesn’t generate anything.


Hello! It happens because the site tries to use both HTTPS and HTTP which is prohibited without an additional configuration: https://gyazo.com/60d2b373d2cb829874175c86ef34ddcf (see it tells “the page was loaded with https, but requested and http…). To fix this issue, please read this FAQ: https://codecanyon.net/item/usernoise-pro-modal-feedback-contact-form/1420436/faqs/30518 It’s for another plugin, but the problem described is exactly the same.


So you’re saying I should compromise my website’s security in order to use your plugin?

I’m confused, my website is strictly https and doesn’t use http at all.

As you can see from the screenshots above, your site tries to load some resources with HTTP already. So what I’m recommending is to review the security configuration and refine it according to the recommendations I referenced.

Hi, Has the delete button function been implemented? Also, how can I edit a link?


Has the delete button function been implemented? Also, how can I edit a link?