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Hello, does it support PHP7 and latest WP? Thanks for info.

Sure thing, it does. Thanks!

OK, so I bought it. I will make it working in next week, so if there will be any issue with php7 I will let you know ;) Have a nice day!

Oh, thanks! I don’t think there will be any issues with PHP 7, but let me know if you’ll face anything strange.

Probably gonna buy this, but have questions. 1. Let’s say my short domain is ktj.us. can I set where ktj.us goes if there is no slug (/)? 2. Can I set where it goes if the slug isn’t found (404 error)? 3. Since I’m using a separate short domain from my normal domain, do they go to different places? For example, does mydomain.com/example go somewhere different than ktj.us/example? 4. Does the widget appear in subscriber/other user dashboards, or only admin dashboard (assuming I’m not using shortcodes)? Please answer ASAP. Thanks!

Hello karevn, I have issue with this plugin. It is saying Update is available. After update of plugin it doesn’t work. You can have a look here: http://www.shortngo.com/ Also when I go to Settings, I will get error “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” I guess newer version (and not working) is in WordPress library. Can you provide me please newest working version please? Also it would be nice to update it here on Codecanyon. Best wishes, Milan

Hello! Please re-download and re-install this plugin from CodeCanyon AND DON’T UPDATE IT – it will be overwritten with an another plugin from WordPress free plugin repository. Thanks.

Hi! How is a about captcha possibilities or other “Im not a robot” functions?

I am not planning to implement them. Thanks!

Hello, where can I access the shortened urls ? I have a url with illicent content and I dont know how to block it. Please respond fast this is very very urgent! Thanks

Hello! You can find it in wp_sho_shortlinks table in your WordPress MySQL database. Thanks!

not working… constant loading icon?

Hello! It’s probably a conflict with some security hardening plugin you have installed and that breaks AJAX processing. If you need further assistance – please drop me your site details and I’ll take a closer look.


Where can i find the automatic shortening on post? I want to shorten all http:// strings in a post automatically. Is this plugin able to do it?

Hello! Shorty does not support that for now (and I doubt I’ll ever add this as this feature is too “obtrusive” and may make irreversible changes). You can use its API to implement it with some custom coding though. Thanks!


Is there any way to mask the custom links created with this URL shortener?


Hello! Sorry, but it seems that I don’t understand the question. Can you please explain – how do you want to mask the links?



plugin is weak and bad and there is no technical support ? We advise everyone not to experiment Thanks

plugin is weak and bad and there is no technical support ? We advise everyone not to experiment Thanks

Hello! I apologise for answered with a decent delay – last week was spent recovering my data from the dead Mac laptop. Please feel free to ask questions here or using private messages.


Hello, Is it possible to block domains from a list being shortened? And is there anyway to create short links for multiple links at the same time?

Also I was wondering if your plugin supports SSL / https:// ? I was going to add CloudFlare to my site but I don’t want to if your Plugin doesn’t support these features.

Plus is it possible to add a link count on my website (ie how many links have been created in total). If so how would I go about doing this? This could be a great feature!

Thanks in advance.

Hello! Shorty does support SSL, but other things are not supported. As they are pretty simple to implement, you can do some custom coding to have them. A few hours of work should be enough.


Hello, Awesome! So I can go ahead and sign up with CloudFlare, add SSL and it should work??? Okay, I’ll get coding or hire someone with a little more experience than myself.

Yes, it should, and you can count on my help if there will be any issues with it. Thanks!

Greetings, is it WP 4.6.1 ready?

Sure. WordPress does not change that much… Thanks!

The admin dashboard widget, you are not POST to the correct URL, my site was loaded over HTTPS but yet you’re attempting to POST to an http URL …. not to mention you just doing a basic ajax call, so you should be using the var that’s already defined by WordPress which is ajax_url ….. https://codex.wordpress.org/AJAX_in_Plugins

Thanks for reporting, to be fixed.

Hey, I’ve recently moved my site to SSL and ever since Chrome has been blocking the Shorty script from being ran, as it is unsecure/mixes with HTTP and HTTPS – http://imgur.com/a/WNLCb

Please drop me a private message with site URL to let me check it. Shorty uses a built-in WordPress URL generation, so it should not generate URLs with http when the site uses https.


PM’d my URL, thanks!

can this plugin display the shortened URL on the page (public) so others can see the short url too?

Hello, I installed your plugin today. It is not working :( It is weird, because I tested few months ago previous version. Then I was busy, now I got back to your plugin and I feel quite disappointed. My page is with SSL, PHP7, ram 512MB, lates WP.

Hello! Please renew your support period – I’ll be able to take a closer look at your problem then. For now I can recommend to revert to the previous version.


Hey! Great script!! One quick question: what is this “Referer tracking” ? “Pass HTTP referer in URL param when redirecting”

Thank you..

Hello! These options add the referer URL to the URL parameter after redirect. It helps to track where did the visitor come from.



There’s one thing stopping me from purchasing this plugin so I have a prepurchase question:

Is there anything I can do to override the ‘Press Cntrl-Copy to copy link’ option to replace it with a button that just says ‘Copy Link’ – for the use I have planned the fast usability of the plugin is essential.