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Button link option doesn’t seem to work. I tested with the main url going to and the button to go to but button still took me to

May want to look into this.

Thanks for reporting! the developer has been informed and it will be fixed in few hours :)

It has been fixed a while ago :)

Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks :)

can the user save their short link to see the stats in another day?

Yes the stats link is available for every short link.

Hi. How to redirect to website only no to ads page

Redirection to the website only is not available in this script as it’s main concept is to redirect visitors to a short page where they can interact with the website and the creator of the link can change UI of the short page (add text, button etc.). If you need a shortURL script which redirects to the website check out our script at the link below:

If i need this script. I’m purchase again? or refund to this script

Hi there.. love the demo so far. I have 3 questions though before purchase: 1] I want to use the script in private. Is there a way not to make it opened to public usage and remove registration? 2] Can the top bar logo be changed? 3] Once the url has been shortened, the page with the Stats and QR code, can you add another link to create a new shortened link?

Hi. thanks for the quick reply. Some clarification required:

1] Awesome… but what happens when a user visit the site?

2] I was asking about the white logo that appear when the shortened link is clicked not the logo on the site itself. I do not see the settings though in admin. The only logo option it shows there is for the site logo.

3] Ok noted.. not very obvious unfortunately

4] Are you able to help make a certain settings default for Pick a position, Pick color, Button Text and Button Link? Since its for internal use, those will be the same everytime we shorten a link so to input all the details every time is not time efficient.



1) You can add a link to redirect the visitors to. OR you can leave it so they can find the login form.

2) Yeah the same logo is used for both

4) Yeah you can edit the values in index.php so it fit with your defaults.

Thanks :)

Excellent.. thanks! Will make a purchase tomorrow. Cheers!

Very Nice work. like your job:)

Thanks :)