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You can help me install my code

Hello, you can add the new domains to shorten? (.club .site .ninja. .xyz etc)

very good, sad do not accept .xyz .club .website :( :( :(

We will try to update it asap.

Sorry for the late reply :)

I have some questions. 1. View statistics link stats.php? Id =? Is it possible to make simple modifications like ! Or ~ 2. Can you prevent certain characters from being registered? ex) .apk etc … 3. Is it possible to redirect immediately without an advertisement? 4. Is ssl applicable?

Hey. yes you can make some modification but you need a PHP programmer.

3) Yes, there is an option in the admin panel to disable the splash screen.

4) Yes SSL works perfectly with all our products including Shortny.

If you need any help, we do offer freelance work, just drop an email to

Thanks :)

this is a pre-purchase question about Shortny!

I want to make a download site! Can this script be configured in a manner that 1- when a user clicks a shorten url link on some other site.. 2- it opens shortened url(means on the script site) and there shows some of the banner ads and after few seconds countdown, 3- it automatically redirects on another page and there also shows some banner ads. 4- Then finally it shows a button for the final link..

Regards, Rohan Mehra

Yes, but you need a help from PHP programmer.

We do offer freelance work, just drop an email to to get a quote.

Thanks :)

is the code open source ? because i want to customize it

Yes, it is.. :)


I purchased your script couple days ago, and sent you a message on the gmail of the documentation and on facebook about my problem.

I followed all instructions in documentaion but i get a HTTP 500 ERROR when i try to run the install.

Can you please provide me a fix for this issue

Thanks !

I have replied to you email….


satsuke Purchased

No statistics feature?


satsuke Purchased

How about multi domain feature? Please accept domain extension too.

We will work on that soon.

Thanks :)

Is it possible to password protect / control access to the front end?

Yes you can, there are many ways to do it.

Just a few piece of code. Contact Ahmed at to discuss further.

Thanks :)

I am recieving a 503 error anytime I navigate to a page. Doesn’t matter what page I enter in the URL bar, as soon as I hit return the 503 error appears and the sites application pool on the web server crashes. This is a fresh install with IIS 7 and MySQL 5.7 and PHP 5.3.28. I have the site setup according to the documentation provided and have the dbconfig file set with the correct variables, I have also added the RewriteBase / to the access file. I am at a loss as to what is causing this. I am unable to generate logs but I am able to generate a FTP login for the developers if they are able to assist me here.

I know this is a holiday weekend and everyone is with their families. But does anyone have any idea what might be causing my issue? Is there anyone else running IIS on windows with this software that might be able to assist me? You have no idea how much it would mean to me! Thank you!

I have replied to your email..

Howdy Condize,

I have replied to your email and i am still waiting for a reply to my issue.

Thank you.

have option quick link ?

If do you mean instant redirection, so the answer is YES!

Nice project…. I waiting a new Update…. Hihihiii…. This is Shortny ….

where is demo link? i can’t access

Thanks for reporting :)

I have fixed everything now, you can check the demo from here

hello, does this give data on unique/non unique click visitors?

Nope, Sorry :)