Discussion on ShortLab - SAAS Based URL Shortener

Discussion on ShortLab - SAAS Based URL Shortener

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Hi, Do you ever have a plan to add common features any time soon? 1. User defined custom short links 2. Password protected links 3. Qr code download etc..

Not yet.

Hi, is it possible banned some URLs ?..prevent someone using my site for an scam sites.

pls check inside

Hi, is it possible for people to earn money with short URLs ? Like webmasters, if they shorten their links, do they get paid for showing full-page or banner ads? TNX

yes there are

Hi There, Why users cannot direct purchase a specific plan? It’s asking for balance deposit and when you visit the section to add money, no option available to make payment. Please assist.

user should have balance to purchase

I have 500 SERVER ERROR i have sent ticket on your site please check [Ticket#356172]

we are on EID vacation and we will back after 17th july and we already meansion it on our envato page and support desk.

Can a normal license use SAAS to collect membership fees? What kind of license do I need to purchase for the SAAS version?

any types of license you can purchase

is there any way to add the edit function for the links?

possible for additional charges

hello .. Is it possible to make money for users? And the Arabic language added?

pre-purchase test but i can’t sign up account, 419 error :-)) am using Chrome. Some other scripts are same

pls use another browser or incognito mood

can’t sign up account on demo website due to 419 error

pls try with another browser or incognito mood

thanx for anyone writing a review

I came here to see the comments and nothing is good

because I was to buy this program thanx for all

choose another one if you think its not fit for you

I’ve already made a choice Thank you for your rude behavior

you welcome

Trash Company, avoid, they will scam you!

we are not here to scam for your 30$, make sense

I was about to buy this script because its seems new to me as compare to my PHP and Premium URL shortner.

But there is no Admin dertails to check out. So I come to the comment section because of no reviews.

I am so gratefull to see that the support team and author doesnt show respect and so arrogant. I am afraid to get the support after the paurchause. Becuase I have 6 months of support and its your duty to help the buyer to setup the script. This is also a fraction of the total cost I am given to your app.

Demo Access:


Admin Access:

Admin Login: Username: admin | Password: admin

I wanted to buy this script, but the manner in which you replied to thatfishscale is so heartbreaking…

He ask about finding a file location and you tell him to learn Laravel, really???

What an arrogant and self centered author…

I feel sorry for customers who will be buying from this guy without knowing his stinking attitude

its simple, we are not here to teach someone. also if i say the folder name and non technical person cant able edit that, they will make misstake and arrise issues

i am interested to buy this script. but i want to know AdSense approve this script

there are no adsense

Hi There, I am getting an error 500 when trying to open the shortened link. I have purchased your product and successfully installed the software on my site.

you will have that soon

Hi, where to add the Google analytics code?

admin panel—> Plugins

Was looking at buying this, but seeing the replies from ViserLab steered me clear. If you don’t want to offer support or answer questions correctly, then hire someone to do it for you so you can focus on development 100%.

we are trying to answer here, show me which one not yet answered

Support, is horrible. I tried contacting support and ‘Harvey’ refused to point me in the right direction to edit a file. He would only help if I waited until January 22nd and paid them to make very minor changes. I then asked if he could just save us both the time and tell which file to edit, he told me to learn larvel. I asked him again to just point me in the direction of where the file is located. He copy and pasted the same answer about learning larvel. If you’re looking for support and wanting to buy support. DO NOT. These are just another lame no customer service coders / scammers doing anything for a buck.

its not our responsibility to teach you laravel. we are selling readymade script and our responsibility is to ensure error free codes, nothing else

Maybe read what i wrote before commenting. I didnt ask you to teach me anything. I asked where & what directory the file I need to edit is.

Attention Protentional costumers: avoid this author. Viserlab Review,Scam,Codecanyon,horrible support,avoid

follow the laravel stucture to edit our code, our codes comes with laravel so you can easily edit it if you have knowledge about laravel. its simple.

Attention Protentional costumers: avoid this author. Viserlab Review,Scam,Codecanyon,horrible support,avoid ANS: if you think we are a training center and we are here to train you about programming then sorry

hi is it rtl supported?

there are no RTL currently

One question, when it comes to redirects, does it refer to the amount of clicks that links can receive?

possible for additionalk charges


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