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I need a URL shortener plugin to work with my own domain name and to work with S2member plugin (used with optimizepress).

Is Shortix shortener allow to have an API that work with S2member ?

Thanks a lot for your help


Etienne BROIS

It has simple API. Please check demo:

Ok, but where I can get API key as I can’t sign in a new account (it says (Mailer Error: SMTP Connect() failed) when I try to create one. And with this API le link that will be sent to my client will be with or with my own domain name ?

Thanks a lot


1. Thanks for letting me know about issue with SMTP. I’ve fixed one. You can try.

2. When you install script on your domain, all links will be with your domain.

PreSale Question?

1: I can see its not mobile friendly? Can you make this mobile friendly ?


The script is not mobile friendly and also i want an custom url field so user can chose a custom url. is it possible, please ? i will make the price double .

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have such feature.

Great program thanks for making it available! My question is, how do I setup Shortix is a subdirectory, but have it supply shortened urls with my root directory and no subdirectory? EX. installed on and shortened urls are givien for instead of it’s default of ? I’ve been trying to reconfigure for a couple hours so thought I’d ask.

Thanks again! :)

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature. I believe you can play with .htaccess file in root derictory, but it is better contact hosting provider.

can i change the shorten URL with subdomain?

i.e i want the result will look like this ( instead of is it possible?

Unfortunately, no.

Just wont install

Okay I have now successfully installed the script – is it possible to upload background images and make them change on rotation?? Also any possible way to hide directory and let admin login through normal login screen???

Unfortunately, there are no such options.


Couple more questions.

1) Any way for users to be able to right click > open image in new tab (for the background of the page) to prevent someone to steal it? Where to implement the code? 2) Possible to re-write .htaccess so no-one is able to acces /admin and try to login? Any other way to change URL to something very random instead of /admin? 3) On header where you have your logo but in text format, where to change it into real logo? 4) How to change the “silence is gold” to a 404 Not Found Page?

Sorry about many questions, just want to know the best solutions from the author.


1. I don’t think that it will work. If I need your picture I’ll open source code of your page and take URL there. So, I never add this kind of “protection”, because it’s useless. ;-)

2. Unfortunately, there is no such feature. You can learn more how to modify .htaccess by yourself (it’s general question, not related to my script).

3. index.php, line #159:
<h1><a href="<?php echo $url_base; ?>"><?php echo $options['website_name']; ?></a></h1>

4. Replace index.html (in folders) by yours.

Hi thanks for answering.

Regarding. 3) I want my website name to be a logo (.png) not plain text. Will the CSS Support it?

Also I noticed that if you go by instead of and the URL is set to in the admin options the URL shortener will not work only load infinitely. Is it best just to change that www. redirects to http:// instead whenever entering www. through .htaccess, this wont affect script yes?

Also, if I have https:// do I just add it as website URL in admin panel, no further changes necessary correct??

Thank you.


1. Insert your logo IMG here:
<h1><a href="<?php echo $url_base; ?>"><?php echo $options['website_name']; ?></a></h1>
instead of
<?php echo $options['website_name']; ?>

Hi, I’m wondering if this URL shortener registers as a “HTTP Referrer” or something the like on the destination link? Something like Twitter’s wherein it shortens URL links and it gets registered as a referrer on the destination URL.

Hi. I didn’t implement such functionality, unfortunately.

This script will continue to update it?

From time to ime.

Is it compatible with PHP7 please?

Hi. Unfortunately, I didn’t test it with php7 yet.


I did setup right but why my Url shorten is I want become ( delete ”?u” )



Hi. Script goes with file htaccess.txt. Rename it to:

Hi I think the next update, I hope this script will have the customize your short link (optional) , for example: can create url shorten or


Thanks for idea.

no update after 7 month .-.

The script installed fine, but all i get afterwards is this “Could not connect: Unknown MySQL server host ‘localhost:3306’ (0)” Any help ?

Make sure that you put correct MySQL credentials. Edit inc/config.php and set DB_HOST_PORT empty. Like this:
define("DB_HOST_PORT", "");

Thanks for quick answer. WORKS!

What framework, if any, is Shortix built with? Or what is the file/folder structure? I would like to ensure I can have full customizability before purchase. Thank you.

No framework. Script is open source – you can modify it as you need.

Is it written MVC style?

Hi, i am interested to by this app but how to change de background with cutom backgrounds?

Hi. You need edit source code.

will not install help :( This must be a very basic thing, in this scripts, i want to buy, but I don’t like the way form allow to send almost whatever you want.

What you suggested is a valid URL (according to standards).

Thanks for your answer halfdata, yes, i want one script that only allows specific protocols: https, http, and no more.

HI are you planing to add custom domain support. If yes, when?Also possibility to edit link by user/admin. Thanks

Hi. Sorry for late reply. Unfortunately, there are no such features.

Hi, demo is down((((( Сan I create a link via API? Thanks for answer

Hi. Yes, you can do it.

Your demo site is still down… is there a problem?

My hosting provider doesn’t allow to install url shortening scripts, unfortunately. ;-(

Just a quick heads up, your demo page/site is just throwing 404 errors… perhaps it’s a momentary glitch and I’ve just got bad timing, but it’s certainly not very encouraging; ANY downtime whatsoever on an URL shortener means lost traffic, possible lost customers/sales, and potentially even the removal of links from the sites they’re posted on.

Unfortunately I had to disable demo of URL shortener, because my hosting provider doesn’t allow such services.