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Hi, I want to buy your script. But I need referral system and advertisment option for advertiser. If you update with user referral system and advertisment system. Then I’ll buy this script. 01706895101

The referral system will be such that: you open the account and you will get a referral link automatically from your Dashboard.And share those links with Facebook & the other website. If your friend sign up through that link and earn. Then you will get 20% of his income. If he earns $100, you will get $20 bonus.

The advertisement system will be such that: ধরুন, আপনি আপনার Website এর বিজ্ঞাপন দিতে চাচ্ছেন । এখন আপনি যেনো অাপনার ওয়েবসাইটের লিংকসহ পেপাল,পেইজা,পেওনার (সাথে লোকাল পেমেন্ট মেথড Bkash,Rocket অপশন থাকলে ভালো হয় ।) এর মাধ্যমে Ads দিতে পারেন ।

আর হ্যাঁ, কয় জনের কতটা ক্লিক হয়েছে ? কত ডলার হয়েছে ? সর্বনিম্ন কত ডলার হলে উইথড্র দিতে পারবে ? এবং উইথড্র সিস্টেম পেপাল,পেইজা, পেওনার (লোকাল পেমেন্ট অপশন) সহ থাকতে হবে ।

So, if you update with user referral system and advertisment system. Then I’ll buy this script. Thanks.

Thanks for showing interest in our product. Sorry, we are in lack of time to develop this kind of stuff right now.

Can you please advise how can I by pass two ads and direct link with destination URL as I am not currently publish ads on short URL so I would like to directly link short url to destination URL. Please advise. Thanks

Just, simply decrease the wait time to 0 seconds.

Thank you for your reaponse. I already did 0 on wait time but on second page need to click on Skio Ads in order to redirect to destination URL. How can user redirect to destination url without clicking on Skip Ads button. I need direct redirection to destination URL. Please advise.

This feature isn’t available right now. It has to be built. If you want we can code for you.

why do you answer to others and not me? -> SCRIPT EMAIL MARKETING

Please check your mail.

Hi, how about REST API for creating links at least? if it was possible to use API I would have bought your script =) Thanks for your reply. For example what i mean look at

Thanks for comment. We’ll keep in mind on next release.

when do you plan next release? at this moment i need only 1 endpoint for create short url

Not so quickly.

Hi, wait link doesn’t work, showing no website set-linked, both on my site and on your demo. Please check this part and answer with problem/solution.

It works on our demo as expected. If you think, it’s not working on your site you can share the detail using this form

Did you check your email ? I sent you a link that doesn’t show wait link…

Please check your mail.

hello, does this give data on unique/non unique click visitors?

Nope. It only counts clicks not the unique one.

Hi Xcode_io, i am trying to Install URL Shortener with Laravel by opening my site url but Next Button is not showing, fileinfo is showing Disable you can see it on the link, What suld i do to fix this, Thanks in advance!

Never mind I figured out, enable fileinfo or mime_magic via PHP Selector, Thanks.

Hi dear sir, On your description you explain administrator will be fully control the dashboard panel and subscriber only will View the Dashboard and his created shorting information but now when i see it a new user if he sign up he is also getting the advertisement menu, I dint understand this, isn’t he also having control for the ad cod to see and to change, did you allow this purposely or if not how can I disable advertisement menu for subscribers? Am I missing something? Thanks!

Nice support, you are brilliant ! Thanks a lot :)

Hi developers How can I log into the admin panel

After completing the installation click on “my account” at the top right corner. You can login by visiting

how can i pay users who work with me paypal for exemple

Right now there is no scope like that but you would like we can build for you.

if i use Extended License can i use this in multiple domain

Nope, for each domain you have to buy license.

so what is the benefit to use Extended License

Hello My dear friends Please New Updata No1: Theme semple add 2: Privacy Terms & Condition home page add all image off

i mean semple themes Privacy Terms & Condition home page no image images, videos or Flash animations will not be approved. so please add sufficient text

Please purchase first then write your requirement at

so what is the benefit to use Extended License

I dont understand

If you resell this script after after purchasing form you have to buy extended licence.

Hello Author please fix your bug.. And check your gmail

Author please check ur mail…


Hope your problem has resolved. If it still persists please reply that mail what you get from us.

Please check my mail.

Hope your problem has resolved. If it still persists please reply that mail what you get from us.


Atosh Purchased

Is there any video tutorial on how to install this script? after simple extraction on server there nothing would happen


I would love to buy your script, but one function is missing. Is it possible to add authorization through the social network “Vkontakte”?

Yes, Possible. For any kind of custom job please say hi at [at]

hello … does it have anti ad block ???

you will see in that image ihave ad block , so the page is blank

Nope. Look likes you haven’t set the ads. Please visit


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Hi there, How we can change the Contact Us and About in the Main page ?

Please visit

If you still need any help, please contact using support form

Hello, I am interested in this script, but I would like to know if it is compliant with Google Adsense new policy. Can someone let me know if he managed to get it approved by Google Adsense since December 1st, 2018? Thank you!

You can test by your own Put your adsense code inside the the box. If you face any problem please contact with us at