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Is this a Eclipse-Project or only for Android Studio?

Android Studio version.

Hi, is it possible to connect the app to an already existing PHP website?

No, You have to use exiting admin panel. Because app user 60 words max.

Okay, does it support videos embed and downloads?. I wanna use it for a video site. Thanks

Sorry, this is short news template. We provide customize service if you need to implelement.

hello, what kind of network/internet library you use to download/upload data to server in this app? volley okhttp, retrofit?

we use volley network lib.

I have no knowledge of java and android development but i will love to make a app like this for custom news in my country or an existing website rss feed.

We provide freelance service get teach at skype: keraisureshv

Nice idea.. I have a feedback on the layout though.. You should think about revamping the RECENT NEWS and CATEGORY screen.. The icons/thumbnails are too big and sort of defeats the purpose of short news since the current layout increases scrolling.. Maybe you can take inspiration from this app layout: http://i.imgur.com/CCJck3w.png .. Also maybe you can add categories on the left menu as well so users can jump to different categories from the article page as well. . GLWS!

good work, nicely done ! wish you big sales ;)


Hi, Is it possible to remove the recent posts from home screen? and start showing the posts (like the inshorts) ?

Yes, but you have to knowledge of that.

Can user read full news?

it’s not, just short news.

hello where i get news??

from admin panel. you can set up on your domain.

good work . If you want to put a direct link to download the article will start the download or not. Will the download start from the browser or from the app?

No, You have to copy and Paste article from web.

I wanted to purchase app but I want data should be fetch from my blogger.com site and user can use app in offline mode too i.e. previous loaded data. If you need any extra charge I can give you. Please let me know.

Yes. I can implement this. Please contact me skype: keraisureshv

Sir Can u provide push notification service in this app

Yes. it we provide freelance service. you can contact me skype: keraisureshv

you app work in android 7.1? this project is abandoned ? 2 years ago there are no updates.