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aparte de comprar la aplicación se requiere pagar algo adicional para que funcione? vi una aplicación similar pero se tenia que pagar por cada mensaje enviado.

Hi, I don’t understand, can you comment in english?

Thanks :)

Apart from buying the application is required to pay anything extra to work? I saw a similar application but had to pay for each message sent.

The message sent prices is based on your sim card provider charge. the app not required any extra pay.

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Hello, is this just a template or needs something extra for it to work

Hi, this is just template, What you means extra?

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mantep ni developer indonesia.. proud of you bro..

btw kalo buat sms gratis provider bisa ga bro? contohnya freesms4us com

Hehe, da aku mah apa atuh gan.

Wah belum pernah bro, itu kan web base ya.

mastah :D

om bisa android aku ada skrip sms logging(sadap) android om bisa oprek2 ga?

wah ane gak narima freelance gan… maap ya :) sukses selalu

is it fully functional and compatible with lollipop? can you give me eclipse version.

Hi, Its should be works too in lollipop. sorry for now we have project in android studio only.

but most sellers provide both versions

Do I need to change this code to my own gsm code image below http://imgur.com/0IijEgt

also these two error messages force closes the app when testing. posted the images here. Can you help fix this error? http://imgur.com/a/eLsdN

Hi, sorry about that. can you tell me when that error appear. so we can fix it asap.

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does it pure android framework or you use any third party library?

hi, in this app we only use one third party image loader library, com.squareup.picasso:picasso:2.5.2 , for others pure android framework.

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Ok, what is the purpose of sql db?

Hi, the sqlite db use to store list of contact from the device, Using db make app display contact more faster.

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It have the complete code set or only the apk please mention i am planing to purchase.

Hi, you will also get full sourcecode.. :)

gan, ini template doang? atau udah ada coding logic nya?.

Udah ada logicnya gan..

will there be a version for ios?


Hi, we only develop on android.

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Does this app show delivery report ?

Hi, There no delivery report in this app.

Thanks :)

Can that be implemented ?

Hi, I think it can be implemneted, But I don’t know the way.. :)

Hello dream_space, I am very interested in this app, but when I install the apk and try to open it I get the following error “Unfortunately Short Message has stopped.” Is this something with the apk on the site or something with my phone Android 4.4, when I get a text message it shows it up in the android task bar, when clicked though the above message is given as well. Is there a way to stop this so I can fully test it?

Hi, sorry for inconvenience, as long I test on my phone (Asus Zenfone 4, Kitkat) works well, have you try on other device?

Friend, go with the app installation manual for the server?

Hi, do you use eclipse or android studio?, for this project you need to test on real device, cannot do on emulator

I use Eclipse and the Android SDK studio. But when I open the emulator to an error (Unfortunately, Short Message Has Stopped). how can I test on my phone?

Hello I want a copy of the code Working on Eclipse because Android Studio does not work well on my device

Hi, we only develop on android studio., but its possible to use eclipse. Have you try this one http://www.nodeclipse.org/projects/gradle/android/Importing-from-Android-Studio-into-Eclipse

Increase the market value and add more features please.

Hi, thanks for your advice, we will try to improve with our best :)

Messages are not marked as read when the are viewed. That would be nice. Also, please test on Marshmallow, I think there is an issue with uses-permission

Hi, can you mention your android version Messages are not marked as read? Yes I think the main problem in marshmallow is permission.

Is it possible to detect weather it’s sim#1 or sim#2 for incoming sms?

Difficult to do that, because for dual sim different device different handling method.

“Unfortunately, Short Message has stopped.” Please fix bug.

Yes its cause by permission issue, You need to granted all permission for this app.

Its still an Issue, I have plan to fix this later :) Sorry

Gan, saya sudah email, mohon cek trims

Kok belum masuk ya, email kesini aja ya dev.dream.space[at]gmail.com

Hi, can I ad admob code with (android studio) to display ads (banners, interstitial, etc) ? Thanks

This app already support admob, you only need to change unit id with yours

Hello is this for android studio ? ...if I buy your item I will get the source code right ? .yhank you

Yes you will get full android source and documentation