ShopNx - Angular5 Single Page Shopping Cart Application

ShopNx - Angular5 Single Page Shopping Cart Application

Ecommerce web app using Angular5 + NodeJS + MongoDB

Update 16-Nov-2017

    1. Upgraded to Angular-5
    2. Migrated to angular-cli

Update 24-Oct-2017

    1. Simplified deployment process
    Run `npm run prod` and copy files from dist folder to the production server. That’s all
    2. Advanced search feature
    Now any field can be searched through filter box (Previously it was only name)


  • Based on Angular Material
  • PayPal payment api already integrated into the app so that you can start accepting payments from clients along with Cash On Delivery(COD) payment option
  • OAUTH Login ( local, facebook ,google, twitter )
  • Multi vendor: The store is simple multi-vendor enabled through which it can allow multiple sellers with their own product and product images
  • Product variants: This can accommodate multiple product variants for a single product with unique image, dimension and price
  • Wishlist: It has inbuilt wish list which can be enabled / disabled and through which users can add products to the list which they wish to buy later
  • Reviews and Ratings: Any user is enabled to add reviews and ratings for a product
  • Emails: User get notification to their email on order placed, order updated, forgot/reset password
  • Image Upload: Users, Vendors, Managers, Admins can upload images of product as well as for their own profile.
  • Responsive shop frontend for different device screen size
  • Enter your PayPal app ID into settings, add products and start selling with no matter of time. This has got inbuilt multi currency support with currency conversion feature
  • Developed using the most popular MEAN which has a Rest API based architecture with high scalability.
  • Inbuilt authentication mechanism with role based user access and user management
  • Most of the components are based on Google Material design guidelines which gives you a responsive, bold and accessible design with great amount of user interactivity
  • Integration of emails at different levels like Order Placement, Forgot/Reset password gives a secure as well as informative feeling
  • The modular application structure gives you enormous ability to modify, test and deploy easily
  • Ability to manage discount coupons on cart total
  • With integrated drag and drop image upload it’s easy to manage the images for the whole shop
  • Role based user management for both client and server side e.g. User, Manager, Administrator
  • Now an email is sent as soon as a order is placed or payment failed
  • Mobile Centered Material Designed components
  • Flex based page layouts
  • Directly select image for a product from the media gallery
  • Now Clone any brand, country, shipping, coupon to save time
  • Drag and drop category management
  • Support for additional currencies beyond US Dollars from a single settings page
  • Forgotten password of a user or shop manager can be retrieved with a encryption based email service
  • A tiny little popup window for anybody to reach the store owner with any grievance or suggestions
  • Now PayPal integration is more powerful with the managed payment status

Store Front

  • The MEAN Stack ecommerce with Material Design
  • A whole ecommerce application created using Angular4 as front end
  • The backend (server side) is backed with the awesome NodeJS framework for better speed and wide extensions support with a very large community base
  • The document based No_SQL database used for faster communication and more efficiency
  • Industry standard application module structure
  • SPA created with the power of Angular
  • Instant and single page advance checkout system
  • Option to save inactive product for publishing later
  • Additional product details in key/value list which need to be highlighted in the product details page
  • Advanced features like Multiple brands selector, Product type filter, price slider
  • Integrated social media login
  • Reset and Change Password option
  • Email service for queries/suggestions/grievances through popup contact form
  • Store Backoffice
  • Products, Categories, Brand, Order Management from admin panel with easy directives
  • Manage Order and Change Status from admin panel
  • Facility for Multiple product variants (size, color, price, image)
  • Secure and quality code – Takes care all single page web app standards
  • Securely built and prevent security attacks
  • Generates CRUD pages automatically from database.
  • NodeJS based ReST API architecture
  • Integrated material designed date picker for date fields
  • Code is Modular, Maintainable, Well Structured, Easy to customize, Production Ready
  • Automatically generates dropdowns, datepickers, number field, toggle switch based on field types
  • Easily export the table as Excel, JSON, txt format