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Hi, nice app. One question before buy, is there a method to insert in the json file an image? Like a logo or photo for the single store? Thanks

yeah you can insert it easily all codes clear, Shop list image etc.. all layered psd, you can easily change and update.

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You can add easily ImageView to Storyboard in Xcode, just drag and drop where u want, later select Image view area your image ex: logo.png later build

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can I preload stores and categories for a default location?

Can user then override the default location and add their own city and stores?

Yeah, All locations , shop names, address and all datas, all images you can change easily every time with remote file want you want.

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Hi, great app!!

It’s possible (and not too much difficult) create a screen before the stores to determine categories of stores?? Would you give me support to do it??

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You can do it with storyboards just add view controller and copy paste json codes later delegate its. That is a bit hard but.

Easy way, Ex: you can change url to category new etc.. it is easy , and write there Category name. etc. what you want.

This app support remote json and you can show live stores etc.

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I was going to suggest the same that that jozarpe just did! Also worth doing are the following;

1) Store Image 2) User Review system 3) Push Notifications 4) List stores in order of distance from your location 5) Preferred Listing status, with these stores always appearing at the top of the List

Any word on when you’re going to put in a category page? And have you decided about Push Notifications?

Hello fxnightlife

We will do some properties on patch. If you want special properties send us skype address we talk about them

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Please add me on Skype at “mydigitera”

hi I bought the project but where json file

Hello, Sultan

Look at Documentation, Json Settings Area , You can see


Link click, and save what you want. Later please vote my app ;)

If you have any question I’m here for you. Thanks for comment,

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Thanks a lot yours great comments. Im here every time for help to you. If u have any questions send me. Later you can rate my app ;)

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How do I make the ‘url’ go to the site?


thats area label , you can use for go to site plugins ; http://github.com/mattt/TTTAttributedLabel/

for rich labels.

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hey, is this app for people to make there own list of stores or to show them all the stores i setup in the app?

Hello , AnthonyL

This app supports remote json file you can easily integrate all web sites.

You can do with this app, but u need special integrated json file for your wants.

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Can someone tell me what program runs this to modify? thx

Hello again you can use vmware and later install Xcode later change json address and build

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I have windows desktop. Which program opens this in order to make changes?

Hello ibernard

You can use vmware, but you can change json address with notepad.

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Before I buy, want to know if this apps allow adding new store, editing & deleting store

If you could confirm this feature is there, i will buy it

Thanks Alex G.

Hello Alex,

This app allow stores list and details only.This app use json so you can integrate php codes for want you want . You can do thats with php codes , stores ,editing or deleting.

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Hi how activate iAd? I did tests and I did’nt see iAd banners on my simulator. Thanks.

Hi I ned a version with links enable and iAd working on it could you send it for me please? Thanks.

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Thanks for comment now here morning i reply you. All codes clear you can add any plugin or properties ill add you to skype today we talk about thats

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Hi I fount iAd code sorry and thank you. Now I need to insert store images and URL links can I hire you to this this change for me please? My skype is wespadigital thanks


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This guy and his company are amazing. He offers a great Skype support and very talent with app development. I recommend MagicWorkers and his Codes here on CodeCanyon for all! ;)

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Hello, Thanks so much for this great app! We are interested in some additional features; as a couple of other users have requested -user reviews -distance to nearest shop Is it possible to do this? Happy to skype to discuss, thanks so much :)

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Thanks for comment , give us your Skype address we talk about it.

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Great! aleisha.mccormack cheers

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Hey… nice app. I have one question, can I edit the application later on. Can I edit the application using Eclipse?



You can easily change all images with photoshop have layered psds and another files you can edit with notepad etc. Also we did Xcode project with latest codes with storyboards.

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Our app updated for iOS 8.1 and Xcode 6 working success !

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Hi! Have some idea when will update the script? Btw, this link is crashed: http://www.magicworkers.com/app/place.json can send the new link? Thank you