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Nice work GLWS :)


Thank you very much

I want to buy am waiting my salary i was waiting this script thxx and good code

Thanks and i am wating also


tbenoit Purchased


I’ve bought another Shopping Cart software several days ago and when I tried to install it I discovered there were missing files.

I contacted the author and they said I should gave them access on my server and they will take care of everything. This I do not want to do.

If I buy a license for your software, is it working? Are there all the files in the package, as well as an up to date Documentation?

Thank you for answering as soon as possible, Benoit

Yes all files included in project and installation very easy. If you donot want to give access , you can send us video or screenshot with your problem(if required). You can contact with our email. Thanks


tbenoit Purchased

bought it. wish me luck :)

strike that, i found the file alright

Ok thanks for purchase, if you have problem, notify me


which is the version used laravel ?


Laravel v5.1

Okay, First and Foremost, GLWS. I love this and wish to Buy but this are my Pre-Purchase Questions. 1. I have a Laravel Project done few Months ago with Laravel 5.1, it’s a Tracking/Referal System, do you FREELANCE, can you Integrate this eCommerce Project of yours into my Laravel Tracking System? If yes then let’s discuss, Thanks.

sorry, currently not possible


Pre-purchase question, can I use my custom domain for this and is there any feature for blogging? Lastly, what themes does this support??

No, there is no blogging system. currently any other themes not supported without shopist default themes.


That version of laravel used? I is ready for multi-language?

no, i will update soon. thanks

Throw in a blog feature? Not sure why everyone thinks blogs are not important. Good work regardless. Looks nice.

we will do next update soon with blog features, most probably current month


Is there any seller account as well

not yet


Is it possible for Users to upload a file during or after checkout? I need customers to upload their artwork relating to purchase. Also, does each User have a history of purchase ie; My Account page?

Thank you for your assistance

Yes we are just updating user account information it will no problem but for upload file during checkout you need customization thanks :)

So contact with this email address 100loise100@gmail.com

Thank you for the very good Support…Greetings from Germany to loise100 for the Big Help with the Script. You make more as a normal Support…Thanks.

Thank you so much

ola boa tarde eu preciso dele em português e com meio de pagamento pagserguro

can you write english

Is there a section to add reviews and option to moderate them in the back-end ? and i see this is a laravel project will you guys share a development version cause i am a developer myself i would like to add certain features where in it will be easy if u guys include composer.json and all the migrations in the files.

please contact us with 100loise100@gmail.com for support


Hi Loise,

Thanks for offering this wonderful product.

I am a developer. I would like to purchase complete source code of your application “Shopist | Laravel eCommerce”. I need to modify many feature in your app to make it work for me. That’s why it is very important for me to get complete source code.

Could you please confirm if you are providing all source code?

Similar question was asked by another purchaser “Cooper007”. But I could not see complete answer there.

Could you please respond asap?

my email is lokendra.kushwah@gmail.com

Thanks Lokendra Kuhwah

yes i will provide you


Thanks for the confirmation. I have purchased your app today. Could you please share complete source code with me? my email id is lokendra.kushwah@gmail.com

please contact with my email address. my address 100loise100@gmail.com and also send me purchased info

thanks talk with your email


tig21 Purchased

Hi, are you releasing the new version soon? I’m interested but I really need some features thtat you are developing right now :)

please stay with us


tig21 Purchased

ok, I really need to start the project as soon as possible, let me ask you if there gone be possible to update this version to the new one without losing anything? thanks

i am updating with only new features


Hello There! We may be interested in the new version of this product (would be nice if there was a release date), but we would like to know what the new features are gonna be, and more importantly: is it gonna be multilang?

Thanks in advance.

Yes multilang included at the latest version. May be 1 week max, the latest version will be release.

stay with us


Cool! Is there a list of the new features? Are you still planning on releasing it this week?

Thank you

The new version almost finish, please please wait for some days


have your system vendor and admin panel?

No, currently there is no admin panel for vendor



tig21 Purchased

Hi loise100, are you finishing? can you tell us the day of release? thanks :)

almost finished, you can check my work, if you want. send me email id in case. i am checking my script. stay with us



tig21 Purchased

I email you to 100loise100@gmail.com

I am getting “RuntimeException in EncryptionServiceProvider.php line 29: No supported encrypter found. The cipher and / or key length are invalid.”

How do I request a refund? Buyers shouldn’t have to wait 24 hours to get support. I sent an email yesterday and haven’t gotten a reply.

sorry for that

can you discuss with email

Please refund my money for this. It didnt work and your support is horrible. We shouldnt have to wait 2 days for a reply.