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Have the shirt design system.?

yes, it has tshirt design

Have an example? Live Preview.

How to display Today’s Deals on home page?

depend on todays sells


CrashMJ Purchased

Done all well but 2 errors coming.

1. (1/2) PDOException SQLSTATEHY000 Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

2. (2/2) QueryException SQLSTATEHY000 Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) (SQL: select * from information_schema.tables where table_schema = shoplist and table_name = users)

This is your database access problem, please use correct database access and try again.

if you have still problem, please send me access info i will check for you



I just seen this demo. but many functionality is not working like Upload images in add product, add tag and etc. Please confirm is it working or not? i would like to purchase this project.

so please provide me positive reply.

Thanks for the reply. I purchased this project and it is pretty. I need demo data for the site , so could you please provide me sample data for this project?

Also i tried to take sample data from demo site. but i am getting below error after admin/vendor login.

Undefined index: order_totals (View: /home/awesomew/public_html/shopist/resources/views/pages/admin/dashboard-content.blade.php) (View: /home/awesomew/public_html/shopist/resources/views/pages/admin/dashboard-content.blade.php)

Also i am not able to create new user for site user role.It is creating but not able to login.

So please provide your best service.

Thanks & regards,

Keyul Prajapati

please contact via email, i will provide you sample data

Hello, is there any documentation how to upgrade from v2.3 to v2.4 because i am already adding some feature to this script

Thank you.

multivendor adding for 2.4, there are no doc for changing but you add your change to 2.4, if you want

Image uploading working fine in localhost. But not in server. Which setting I need to change?

can you send me access info to check the problem via email 100loise100@gmail.com

I sent you an email with screenshots & access of my panel. Please check your mail.

i have checked your email. This problem on your server. please contact with your webmaster to enable/installed PHP Fileinfo extension on your server


Are you providing full source code?...........Can i modify code according to my need?

yes you can change but for one site not for selling

Pre-Sale Question: Is it possible to integrate with affiliate platforms like ebay, aliexpress, etc to auto add products or must all products be manually added? Are RSS feeds available for products? Does this system integrate with email autoresponders or an HTML form provided by an autoresponder?

Any responses appreciated

Not yet but in future we will do


In the future you’ll do what? I asked three questions.

No RSS feeds not available and email auto responder

I’m intrested in this product but I have some Pre-sale question: Laravel Version: ? Difference Between: Regular License & Extended License.? Login System: Is there login system with social media for customer.?

Laravel 5.4 , Regular is for one site and extended is full yours. And currently there is no social media login yet but next version we will do

My Suggestion: In future plz put all public accessible file like (image,logo,css,js) in public directory not resources folder.

thanks for Suggestion. i have already done and next update is coming

Hi i Got error at after adding to cart

FATALERROREXCEPTION IN FACADE.PHP LINE 237: CALL TO UNDEFINED METHOD ANAM\PHPCART\CART:: GETROWPRICE in Facade.php line 237 how i should i fix this, dont ask to email with providing license, i don’t want turn around like before give license and everything without answer. as you can see my status i purchase this app and get support.

Thank you

ok no problem, please contact with email via 100loise100@gamil.com and send your access info and purchase info also. i will check for you


done send email and access info, purchase info already sent you before i emailing you not just one-time but many time but still not get the answer. actually i am really frustrated with the support, if can’t give support don’t include the support price. send email but just keep repeating ask purchase info, send you all information keep asking purchase info. it really makes me angry.


sorry for all

please send access info i will fixed for you. where you email that contain access

please send again, i will solve you. please email 100loise100@gmail.com

or you can do with this

Go to shopist/vendor/composer/autoload_psr4.php open

and add ‘Anam\\Phpcart\\’ => array($vendorDir . ’/anam/phpcart/src’)

this to the last line.

if you have still problem please contact with me


I would buy it today if you could add Stripe as a payment method. Please let me know if any plans to integrate Stripe payments?

hi iTemplates

Stripe payments method already included in shopist.

you can check my demo and go to payment method menu


Hello time,

How is the return request? I need to buy another script

what is your problem? you have a support if your need

Your dashboards don’t seem to be functional on the demo right now…

i am not clear, please explain

What is the value to add Brazilian payment methods, MercadoPago and Pagseguro? I’ll buy it if you can add it to me, because the current payment is not good for me!



i am quite busy, i will knock you later

MercadoPago is better documented in English, if you say you can add at least this, I buy your script!

Thanks for your answer!

What s new in the last update? (25 february 2018)

What s new in the last update? (25 february 2018)

Hello I want to buy this script but when iam trying to check the admin panel demo it is showing error can you resolve that error so I can check once and I can buy.