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Nice Work, GLWS :)

Do you plan to create same App for prestashop or opencart?

Thanks Elina_n

For now no, but follow us, and maybe soon there will be app for prestashop or opencart.

I downloaded it but it freeze my iMac. Finder is frizzed

Well I can’t manually send a refund. You have to write to envato staff and ask for refund.

Did you have Titanium or Appcelerator installed and do you have an account? This is Titanium app and that is required as described in the description.

Do you have shopify store, and did you preview you app in http://shopifyapp.info

Did you imported the project in Appcelerator?

I will do my best to help you, but i need a better feedback about the issues that you have from your side.

My intention is not to take your money, everything is well described in item description, and the docs are good for starters.

All best

I have Appcelerator and everything I need. Just that isn’t working for me and my iMac was freeze . My iMac!!!! I don’t know why. I don’t want to write a negative feedback but I need that you help me. When I contact Envato they told me that you have to give permit or something like that to refund my money

Ok, lets see how to fix the problem.

Send me ticket on https://nextwebart.zendesk.com with teamviwer id and pass and I will see what is the problem and help you.

Any plans for woocommerce?

Hi extenSivv

At the moment no, but follow us, and who knows, maybe we will come up with something. We looking into supporting more platforms like opencart, prestashop, woocommerce.

Anyway, thanks for the interest.

Parse is going offline can you provide instructions on how to move this to my own backend?

I have an shopify store, i am an android developer too. Few questions :

1. Do i need any other account other than shopify? 2. Will I get the android code to publish from my own playstore account? 3. How the checkout will happen? 4. Demo apk needed


Shopify is very popular, but also have some woocommerce clients. The lastest version of wordpress includes a RESTful api. This style of integration would be amazing for woocommerce.

how are payments processed? stripe, paypal,ect..

is it developed with alloy?


Could you add checkout with credit/debit card as a payment option? Besides PayPal, thank you!

HI, im about to buy this but I notice that the last version is from November. Is there any new version coming soon?

Can you put APK file here to test on Android mobile ?

i don’t have shopify based website but I have CodeIgniter based ecommerce website. I want to know that is my website can de converted in android app from this app ? if yes then i will purchase it.

I don’t think it will be that easy, but is possible if you make your Codeigniter shop with REST api, and use that API to fetch collection and products. similar way as Shopify responds.

So yes it can, but you need to do modification in the app.

Very good work!


hi i bought this app now but what i do now how can connect this app with my shopify store and how I can do changing on this app , please help me.

Hello alkhateeb1983

Here is the docs on how to set up the app https://nextwebart.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204091162-Config-json.

Note that this is Appcelerator – Titanium app and you need to set app Appcelerator first.

hi man give me the way how to do that from zero to finish

hi i m planning to purchase any feedback ? can i setup myself if am not a developer any demo on android or app store?

It is easy to set up. But just note that you will need an apccelerator subscription. Read the bottom part of the description.

If you don’t like that, you can make similar app in http://mobidonia.com. Here is video from mobidonia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuC4JoTwO7k.

Note, mobiodnia app is not same as this app. It is more powerfull.

Hi there, i bought the Ultimate Blog from you a few years ago – and with your excellent support i customised it for my needs.

Is the code base similar? Can i add multiple web links as blog allowed me too?

look forward to hearing from u. Darren

Hello Darren. Nice to see you again.

Nice to see you again. Yes, the codebase is similar. You can do that. Do you have appcelerator subscription?