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Hey guys, I have 3 of my staff using this plugin on WooCommerce and it seems to be conflicting the carts, so basically one of my girls would add a product to the cart for a client, and my other girl (who is logged into her own account) has the product added to her cart as well, it’s like the sessions aren’t seperate.. Just thought you should know in case there is a flaw in the plugin with the latest update..

Thanks for the heads up Sean. I’m going to make sure the dev team knows.

Hi There, I left this comment yesterday on your support system and haven’t gotten a response:

Just purchased, installed, and activated this plugin within the last 60 minutes. Cleaned and rebuilt website cache, cleared browser cache, reloaded browser, tested website in 3 different browsers and on a mobile phone. The website is routing through a CDN and that cache has also been purged.

Currently running the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, WooCommerce, WordPress and Divi theme.

There is absolutely no indication that this plugin is working -no customer switching functionality in the top admin bar, no customer switching capability on the user panel, absolutely no way to do what the plugin is supposed to do.

The admin bar is visible at the top of the website. No, I will not be deactivating other plugins that are absolutely crucial to the function of this eCommerce system.

I had hoped for out of the box functionality with my system as it currently functions. It isn’t happening. Please help to resolve the problem or issue a refund.


Apologies for the late response. I’ve replied to your other request on our site now.


PRE-SALE QUESTION…. Just to clarify…. your plugin will allow me to take a credit card over the phone and apply payment as I am taking the order, correct?

It seems that when we send the invoice/cart to the customer to purchase that if they don’t click the link within a couple hours they get a cart expired message? Is there a way to adjust that?

We don’t have a setting for this… I’ll see if it’s something we can add on.


Hi there, I just bought this plugin and I think it’s good except for a couple of things that make the process really long:

when you click switch to, it takes you to the backend of the site to switch customer, but then once you switch customer it takes you to the customers account page.

it would be SO much better if it took you back to the page you were originally on so it would flow better.

Also, I know a lot of people have mentioned it, but a guest checkout option would also be ideal. and you would have their email to send to, because you enter their email during guest checkout.

Hoping some of these fixes can be implemented as it’s a great idea, but currently I can’t use it because of the above :(


Thanks for the suggestions… I’m passing this on to the dev to see if it’s something we’ll add on.


carlyblack this is a very important comment. We,re all waiting for this fix to be implemented. It will speed up shopping process for sure. Thanks to cxThemes people for their great support.

Hi. Thanks for the comment. We’re gonna try get this implemented.

There is a problem..

Please view

You see that woocommerce let a customer “Save payment method”

But when I use your plugin, I cannot choose the customers saved payment method.

I need you to update your plugin man… has not been updated since November.

Our dev is going to look into this. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you


I would like to know if it is possible to hide the button : Checkout – pay later

I would like to see only : Checkout – pay NOW

is there a way I can hide it myself ? I tried doing so in css with display:none but it looks like it keeps on adding it from another ID or CLASS.

Thank you

You’ll need to do something like:

input#cxsac_checkout_action_pay_later.cxsac-button{display:none !important}

In your custom CSS

Thanks Sean


Pookis Purchased

I have wrote to CXThemes support and got an answer in 11 days and answer doesn’t solve the problem I’m having: “Our developer has been notified and will address this when they get a chance. Thanks”. The problem consists that cart items in the admin account are added to the order of customer.

And CXThemes, stop behaving like a Microsoft.

Apologies, we have had quite a few requests we’re working on, no excuse, but can you email us at hellocxthemes [at] with the initial issue so we can try to work with you to sort this out.

Hi i have a pre sale question. I have users created on my site with the Roles and Capabilities plugin they are users with very few things enabled since they are only made to be able to sell.

Your plugin needs some special capacity in the user that is going to use it, because it has happened to me to buy other plugins and that they need to enable some extra capacities.

If that were the case, what capacities does the user need at least to be able to use their plugin, since I do not want to enable many more things than they already have. Thank you

Hi there. It’s changeable. See here: