Shop as Customer for WooCommerce

Shop as Customer for WooCommerce

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What it Does

Shop as Customer allows a store Administrator or Shop Manager to shop the front-end of the store as another User, allowing all functionality such as plugins that only work on the product or cart pages and not the Admin Order page, to function normally as if they were that Customer.

Once installed, the Administrator can easily switch to another user with 2 clicks, then shop the store as that user would see it, with all functionality and plugins that would only be visible to that user, working perfectly.

Such as those that work with User roles, inputting custom variables (meta) on product order that are not supported in the Admin Orders screen, etc. This enables incredibly quick and simple manual order creation. And with another click they can switch back to the Administrator or Shop Manager.

Once a cart is created for a User while shopping as them, instead of seeing only the pay button on the checkout page, the Administrator or Shop Manager now has convenient buttons to also email the invoice directly to that User for payment or link to the Order created in the Admin section.


  • Quickly switch to any Customer
  • View and use your store as that Customer
  • Quickly switch back to Administrator
  • Works with plugins specific to Product & Cart pages or Users.
  • Create and send Invoices easily and quickly
  • No more fighting with the Admin Orders screen!

Happy conversions!



= 2.13 =
* Add 'WC requires' and 'WC tested up to' tags.

= 2.12 =
* Fixed our helper buttons not showing on the Checkout > Thank You page - We separated the checkout JS into it's own file so that it is never erroneously omitted by any dependencies.

= 2.11 =
* We've changed so that when you're on the front-end of your site and click 'Switch To Customer' from the Admin Bar User fly-out menu we first switch back to the Admin > Users page, then open the Shop As Customer modal for you to begin your switch. If you dismiss the modal then you'll be able to find Users using the WP search and click 'Switch To' under any chosen user. Technically we had to remove the Switch modal as it was adversely interfering with all the enhanced select inputs on the front end.
* Updated our Plugin Update Checker.

= 2.10 =
* Updated our Plugin Update Checker.

= 2.09 =
* Replace deprecated `woocommerce_get_page_id()` with `wc_get_page_id()`.

... continued in readme.txt with the plugin.