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Hi, Can you make your plugin compatible with Dokan Marketplace Plugin?

No, Dokan is not supported

Hi. I have a pre-sale question. I am using another plugin to calculate based on weight for courier. But that plugin can’t calculate based on distance. If I buy your plugin, can I still use the my based on weight plugin for courier options for my customer. So my customer has 2 options to choose; by courier or by delivery with distance calculation.

Thank you.

Not sure I have a full idea what you need, but if there are other shipping method available, all of them will appear, so it doesn’t effect the display of other options.

Yes what I meant is, I am using this one to calculate my existing shipping method. But I would like to add one more option that is home delivery based on distance calculation. If I understand correctly, you are saying all of the methods will appear right?

Yeah, that’s how woocommerce works, if a method is available then it will appear

Hello, I bought your plugin thinking that we can have multiple rules. Like 0 to 6km with a cart of 10 EUR or more. If is not possible to make it, can I have a refund ? And if it easy to do it, can you give me the PHP code to make it works ? (I only need to have a minimal amount of 10 EUR in the cart).


You need to clarify your requirements first, I won’t be available for next to weeks, if you’re not in a rush I can help, otherwise, feel free to hire a developer.

Yes no problem we can wait.

So to clarify my needs.

Your plugin is great, he is doing what I need. For the moment, peoples can take the shipping method “delivery within 6 km for free”. What I want is, to purpose only the free shipping (0 to 6km) if they have more than 10€ in their cart. Else, no option is displayed but a message “Sorry you exceed the 6km, but you can pickup up your order directly in our shop”. (And they can take only the local pickup method which I had already configured).

Let me know if I’m enough clear for you.

Sounds good, please reach out via with a little bit more clarification.

Hi, I have many stores, I can add more addresses?

No, there is only one address, if you want more addresses you’ll have to custom develop this feature.

Pre purchase question : Do you have plan to add multi store feature ?

Hello, no we don’t plan on adding multi store feature, we try to keep the plugin simple and light.

Hi =) i translated all with Loco translate but…

where is the text ” Shipping Rate by Distance (16.2 km): $240.00”??

how to translate the text “shipping rate by distance”?

i’ve already translated in loco translate but nothing happens

That is the title of the shipping method, it’s entered by you in admin area when you are setting the rules.

Hi, is your plugin working with WC 4.0.1 ?

We have not fully tested the plugin with WC 4.0.1 that’s why we didn’t add it to “Compatible With” list, if you are having any problems, let me know, will be more than happy to help.

On the From To, we can’t place a numbe bigger than 999. It is also not possible to let a “empty” value in for greater than the From value. It can cause some issues for some shops that need to ship on distance greater than 999km.

Can you help us?

The version is ready, you can download it and update it. You don’t need to edit anything, the value is already saved, it just doesn’t display, and we fixed that.

Good it worked! Thank you.


I want to ONLY allow orders that are within X kilometres of a specific location. Can I do this, with this plugin? Thanks.

Yes, you can specify the available distances from 1KM to 10KM for example and anything after thing will show no shipping available.

Hello! The plugin is not calculating the distance properly, for example I’m testing it with an address that is 2.6 miles from our restaurant and the plugin is calculating 4.7 miles. We need to charge by the mile so unless the plugin can calculate the exact distante, it’s useless to us. Please advise, thanks!

Please use only one place to submit your requests, we have received your inquiry in 3 places and and you responded back in less than one hour saying you found another solution, we are happy that something is working for you. However, we’ll have to confirm what you are saying before giving a refund. So, please wait until you get a response to your refund request.

I sent the screenshots you requested and instead of refunding you requested the addresses to verify yourself. I already sent the addresses (the addresses are also visible on the screenshots).

I gave you the refund :)

Hi, may i know can this plugin support on malaysia location?

I think they are giving some requests for free, and there is a limit, you might need to pay for it.

How much is it? here is my distance price i no sure this plugin can working or not

We can’t answer this question for you, you need to check google

Your rules would work, you’d set it like 0-10KM = $0, 10-11KM = $1…etc

Hi are you answering your support forums? I raised an issue two days ago but not had response and its quite urgent

We have responded

I’ve just bought the plugin. I’m a little confused by the Google pricing. I want to allow orders for only 3km away from a UK location. How much will this cost me per distance lookup? I didn’t realise the Google API part, but it’s OK – just need to know how much I have to pay. Hoping you can help. Thanks.

I understand. But can you at least tell me if it’s a monthly payment or pay as you use? Surely you must know that part? Thanks.

It’s pay as you go as they say on their website

I need to charge for shipping if an order is below xx price + use your distance restriction. How do I do this? Thanks.

The plugin doesn’t support conditional logic, you’ll have to write code that adds this functionality, if you need custom work please post your request here

Oh no. I only bought to have this option. The plugin is no good to me otherwise.

It doesn’t mention anywhere that the plugin have conditional logic, it have specific rules for distance not pricing.

Hi, I need to buy this pluggin now, but I need to know if in addition to the cost per distance, I can add a base cost for shipping That is, 1 km is equal to for example $ 10, so the cost of shipping would be.

$ 10 (1km) + $ 2 (base cost).

Total = $ 12

And that this base cost, then I can modify it. Can I do this with your pluggin?

Exactly, I would like to know how much do you estimate that it change could be? Could you contact us please?

Please reach out to this email with a detailed explanation of what you want to do and I’ll get back with an estimate.

Also, please mention if you need an option in the dashboard to change the base cost, or just want it hardcoded.

Thanks! I did it!

Good day, Pre Sale questions. Will I need a google api to calculate the distance? 2. Can this shipping method be applied to only certain Products or shipping classes?

Hello, 1. yes you need Google API to calculate the distance 2. no, you can only set this shipping method on shipping zones, not per product or

Good afternoon! Please tell me, can I use your plugin if I need to calculate the distance in the city from address to address? In Russia.

Hello, the plugin uses Google Distance API to calculate the distance from WooCommerce shop Address to the entered customer address in any country. Hope this answers your question.

Thank you for your answer. On my site only delivery in one city Krasnoyarsk, I can use your plugin in this case, it will be able to calculate the cost correctly? I don’t ship products by country.

Yes, it will be able to calculate the distance from your shop to the delivery address in your city.


efuste Purchased

Hi, I have 2 store locations in Florida, and was wondering if it is possible to set an option that will calculate the price based on proximity to either location. Or perhaps they can select the location closest to them and it will calculate it based on that locations distance.

Hello, unfortunately, it only supports one location at the moment.


fhrmdls Purchased

Hi which do I need kind of google api? Distance Matrix API?


wpali Author

Yes exactly.

Good night, Now DOKAN is supported?