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Hello! I commit a mistake and bought twice your plug in can I get a refound?


Yes you can just request a refund.

Hello, The way my ordering system works means that the “Completed” email is sent before the tracking number is available. Can I add the tracking number and then send a different email, such as “Customer Invoice” and have the tracking number on there? Will the “Completed” email just show a blank space where the tracking number should be? If so, could I put text in there instead, saying it will be sent in a different email/viewable in the “Order details” page? Thanks


Yes you can send a Customer Invoice email and tracking details should be added to it. And the place will be blank in completed email.

Can you add supports Dynamic URLs for turkish company? İf you add i will buy. You must add because a lot of turkish website are using wm and need it.


I checked but we cannot add the dynamic link.

Hi, as harleyaspinall said above our packing helper also add tracking number AFTER completed. Can you add a function button to send an extra email just for the tracking? Something that says: Your order is shipped. Tracking for your order is tracking number + link! Thanks, Ole

I am considering purchasing your plugin. Am I correct in determining that this plug-in does not automatically sent tracking status updates to the customer? For example, when the status changes to Delivered, etc..

If it does not, is this something you are planning to add? Currently there is a free plug-in for WC on WP that does everything this plug-in does. That plug-in has a pro (paid) version that sends up updates. I’d rather buy your plug-in, if it will send out status updates.




Can you please let us know what plugin you are talking about that provides updates.

Hi. My question is related to the plugin we’re having this discussion in the comments of. Namely, Shipping Details plugin for WooCommerce.

The plug-in I currently for shipment tracking already does what your plug-in does. But I would like one that emails the customer with a status update when shipping status changes.

If you’re plug-in does that (I get the impression it does not) then I’ll buy it. Otherwise I’ll go with the pro version of the one I am currently using.

Cheers, Jonathan


en7jos Purchased


Been using your shipping details plugin for a while now and it works great – thank you! But just an idea for a possible tweak / improvement for you. Quite often shipping references / tracking number start of end with the same letters or numbers. For instance, Singapore Post registered items all have tracking numbers that begin with RC and end with SG, for example RC123456789SG. So every time I type a tracking number I have to type the RC and SG bits, even though they never change.

So my suggestion / request is that you could add an option to store a common prefix and suffix for each shipping method. So for SingPost I would save RC and a prefix and SG and a suffix, then I only need to enter the unique number (e.g. 123456789) and the prefix and suffix would be added automatically to give the full RC123456789SG tracking number.

So simple enough I know to type the full tracking code, but it would actually be a big time saver and be far more efficient to only have to type the unique number part of the tracking ref. On the order page, perhaps there could be three text boxes, the first with the prefix pre-filled, the second empty for the unique number to be types, and the third with the suffix pre-filled. You could then override the prefix and suffix if required for that order, but otherwise the full tracking ref would be saved by combining the three text boxes together.

Does that seem possible do you think? A small change that would make order processing more efficient, and would be another unique feature for your plugin!

Thanks, James

i sent you e mail. Can you check?

Sorry but we cannot add the courier you suggested as dynamic url. But we can list wherein customers will have to manually enter the tracking number.

I get this error: There was error fetching the data. Please contact plugin developer at


You need to enter your codecanyon username and purchase code in the plugin settings.

is it compatible with Wordpress 4.7.1 version?