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Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)


fantastic work, i wish you big sales ;) !

Thank you!

Very nice work !!!

Thank you!

Amazing Work

Thanks a lot!

Hi there, your plugin looks promising but need more info. The best thing to do would be to create a demo video or allow a demo page. Please answer: 1. When adding a shipping label, doe it connect with the user’s DB or do we have to type the client’s data. 2. Can you print a label from the orders page or only from your plugin’s page? 3. We have a special label printer provided by USPS and UPS, will it work with these?

Hi xtremewebsites – thanks for the feedback. I plan to create a demo video ASAP.

In the meantime I’ll answer your questions here.

1. On the WooCommerce orders page you will have a new “Shipper” button for each order (see the screenshots above for example). Clicking on that button will pre-fill the address form with the Shipping Address on the order.

2. The label is printed from the plugin’s page, but you can quickly get there from the orders page.

3. Can you let me know which printer(s) you are using? I will then do some research to see how/if it will work.



Hi I got this error and not way of what can I do, please help

Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again.

FYI for others looking at the plugin: acastro2 and I resolved this issue via email the same night it was reported. Thanks!


Great customer support the best so far here on codecanyon!!!

Thanks for the kind words!

Is there a return label option for easypost? If this feature exist or is implemented will definitely purchase.

For example, i purchase a shipping label for customer via easypost.

Is there a button where I can press to create a return label for the customer? All it should is reverse the addresses and purchase a new label which I can send to the customer for them to return items.

hope that’s more clear! thanks :)

Sorry for the slow response, and thanks for the clarification. I think I can definitely make that happen. I’ll try to get the update submitted to Code Canyon tonight or tomorrow, and then it may take them a couple of days to approve it. Keep your eyes peeled for an update!

great, another feature you might want to implement is tracking. we actually have an existing plugin that has that feature that I can send you for analysis. perhaps it’ll help you implement that feature?

Hi, My site is already pretty heavy with plugins, but yours is exactly what Im looking for. Do you think your plugin will run smoothly on my site or is it large and complex and I should no go for it? Please let me know.

Thanks for the comment. It’s hard to say since each site is unique, bit Shipper WP has a very small footprint and in general I would not expect it to cause any noticeable change in site speed. Thanks again!

Hi, Pre-sale question.

Does your plugin store the tracking number for the order? Can it also add the tracking number to the order and mark as complete so that the customer gets an email with the tracking number? It would be a massive time saver, and most marketplaces use the same method. Print label, mark as complete and notify buyer. Thanks

Hi johnc1979,

We don’t currently specifically store/attach the tracking number to the order in WooCommerce, however we have a “Shipments” tab in the plugin that allows you to see all of your past shipping labels and the tracking number is included right in there.

However, in a future release I would like to do what you have described. Would you see a need to customize which order status Shipper WP changes the order to? I know some store owners use plugins to customize the available order statuses…

Thanks for the question and feedback!