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They look nice, good luck with sales! :D

Thanks Alex!

Do these work in IE6 ?

Nope, IE6 is outdated. Almost no one uses it anymore.

I just released version 1.1 which makes the item compatible with IE6 . So yes, they work in IE6 .

Can i make it as a popup notification when i click on the webpage? How do i do so?

You cannot. I will add this in the next update. Contact me at and I’ll send it to you.

Cheers, Rik de Vos

Sorry – you can actually do that. Try the fade in effect. Is that what you mean?

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or maybe I’ve anather ccs file that conflict with yours..but they’re not shiny on my site, I just have the box colored but not the shiny part and nor the little X on the right corner


Are you using Internet Explorer? Because they aren’t shiny in Internet Explorer. Please contact me through my profile so we can discuss this in private.

Best regards, Rik de Vos

Can I use this to pop up an alert when my site loads first time, and give an option to user to hide it unless next cache clean?

I also need to get an alert from mysql where if the pop up date falls between given dates?

Thank you


Hi Zaheen,

this is all possible with some extra javascript and php. Please contact me via the contact form on my profile if you would like me to develop this for you.

Best regards, Rik de Vos

Hi there,

How do I set this up so the box doesn’t reappear on the page at every visit? Ideally, I’d like them to click ‘X’ (close) and not see the notification box again, or at least not until they’ve cleared their cache. Thank you. :)


I recommend using the jQuery cookie plugin to do this. You can do this with a basic understanding of jQuery, or hire a developer to do this for you.

Best regards, Rik

Sweeeeet; thanks, man.