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I need to know how to input video that will play on the iPad and the latest browsers. I have sent you a PM but no response?


Hi ZoomIt.

I have a question to your shiftgallery. I bought the gallery and want to know if it is possible that the gallery does not load all images at the beginning. So if i had 50 images in the gallery the loading needs a long time. So is it possible only to load the first 5 images and if you click on the arrow to the next 5 images, these images were load? Thanks you for you answer. iConsultants


I’ve purchased your plug-in but my developer is having a hard time integrating video. It seems that upon first viewing the video element (1st in the slideshow) does not show the first frame, however, when it comes back around to the video element after scrolling through all of the images it appears as it should. Is this a buffering issue?

Any suggestions on how to fix? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Don’t Buy It!

This garbage does not work in IE 7 , 8, 9 and Google Chrome. Besides not having the support! Don’t Make The Same Mistakes I Did!!!

This gallery does NOT work in IE 7 or 8 like it says and therefore is useless. How do i get a refund?! Or please post a fix as you faulsy advertised that this is cross browser compatible!

Is there a way to make the images load in the background after the first image is displayed in a slide show? It currently takes too long to load 30+ images on the initial page load before the slide show starts.

Note to others having problems with IE compatibility: I downloaded an older shiftgallery.js from another customer’s website listed in this comment thread, and it seems to work with IE. I could not get the purchased version to work.


Just a comment about a bug found on some IE versions.

Open the file “shiftgallery.js”, and put the lione reading “console.log(arrowSize);” into a comment “//” before it (should be the line 477.)

The function “console.log” isn’t recognised by IE and can sometimes make the whole JavaScript stop.

There are 4 other “console.log” functions in shiftgallery.js, but they are all already put into comments so no problem with them.

Should be fixed in the downloadable source ;)



@Origami-graphics Thanks for the tip. This change did make the downloadable shiftgallery.js work in IE9 (the same as the older version I found elsewhere).

I am still having problems with IE7 & IE8 . In these browsers,the slideshow starts, but fails after changing the image once. It gives an Invalid Argument error on line 157, char 295. Presumably this is in shiftgallery.js because my html only has 145 lines.

Looks awesome. Might need the extended version for my next theme. Love it!

Just quick question… Does the stand alone plugin have the ken-burns affect as well? I really want this. Please email me via my profile page I really appreciated it!


where can I update the image path for the left and right arrow on the thumb slider. It’s coming from the js, but I cant seem to find the paths in there.

thanks Florian

Where is the documentation including the list of transitions? Any help would be appreciated!

Can you explain how to move the bottom thumbnails move to the right hand side?

Is it possible to have the main images change on mouseover rather than mouseclick? If so can you advise what code we need to alter to achieve this…

Just sussed it out – Change line 633 of shiftgallery.js to




it support autoplay vimeo? thanks

sorry , not at the moment