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Hi, about to purchase, but one question:

Is it possible to make the background of the boxes transparent, or at least opaque? I know that there is a css opaque property, and just wonder if it is possible to use in Sherpa.

Thanks. Looks like a big laborsaver for me.

Yes to achieve this, you could either use the opacity css property, rgba() property or use a semi transparent png for a background image.

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How many level does the accordion menu go down?

Is it possible to stop the expanded accordion from closing up when a link in the accordion is clicked. As it is the accordion closes after any link in the menu is clicked. This is confusing for users especially if their connection is not really fast, and doesnt look good

Thank you Robert

Is it possible to make the horizontal menu be sticky to top of page when scrolling down?

I also need to place all the horizontal menu html code at the end of the html source. If placed first it interferes with SEO

Yes, very easy. position:fixed on containing element and place as desired. The HTMl can be at the end as fixed elements do not effect the flow.

Okay. good to hear. The problem I’m having with other simliar menus is all browers desktop are working as described above, but in iPad, it goes straight to the bottom and of course doesn’t work on Tap menu

I have just purchased sherpa js version. How can the side menu be open by default and yet still be a functional accordion ,

is this is for word press. is it easy to integrate or i need to do some coding work ?

how should I do to install the plugin? which file should I go to the server?

Accordian Closes after selection, how do I keep these open until another menu is selected?

Hiya, Great product. I’m having a small issue with the dropdown getting stuck when the mouse is quickly moved off screen. I notice the original download has the same issue too. If you open one menu, then quickly move the mouse up (you may have to do this a couple of times) the menu is stuck open. Then move your mouse down to another menu and you then get two menus open which causes some issues with overlap. I’d like the user experience to be smooth as possible and this hinders that a bit. One solution I found seemed to cause another problem. What I did was this: In sherpui.js, line 100 I added duration:1 $(“li”).mouseleave(function(){ $(this).children(”.drop_box”).hide(duration:1); This sorted out that problem, but then this breaks all the accordian functionality completely. Thanks Stephen

its possible to use it inside wordpress?

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Disappointed, as I purchased this and then found out it is not responsive at all.

I wanted to use the horizontal menu, but at least expect it to adjust for screen sizes.

Hello does Sherpa support RTL ( Right-To-Left reading ) ? .


I am looking to have a sticky menu that only shows up after the user scrolls down. Please check the following website to see an example of what i want:

You will notice that when you scroll down a menu a sticky menu will shows up that is totally different than the website main menu. Is this possible with your script?

I’m working with the mega-menu on Drupal, but I can not get the mega-menu to close on the ipad. I’m using an ipad 2 to test the site.

The menu opens when tapped, but you have to click elsewhere on the page or another menu item for it to close.

Has this issue been resolved?


this menu have the wordpress version?