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have it plugin for wordpress?

No but other users have integrated Sherpa with WP with ease. Send me a message and I can put you in touch .

Best Regards, Oisin

There is no plugin for WP yet.

i’m also interested for a plugin for wordpress!

Yes, it has been requested a few times but unfortunately I am not a WP expert.

Best Regards, Oisin

is it support for rtl ?

thank you


just bought this theme… It is awsome! I have an small issue, regarding to change the default color and background. I read the instruction from the documentation and specially on this part:

“Sherpa comes with 10 different colour themes and 11 different backgrounds. By default Sherpa will be white with a dark hatched background. If you want a different colour, simply add a link to the stylesheet in the head section. To change the background image, simply change the css background-image property on the body. Sherpa comes with 500+ icons allowing for a very unique navigation.”

Please help me to do this, dont really understand… newby :)

I want to use the blue color of the navs and Bg_HATCH as my background.



Hi Melrish, drop me an email andI’ll walk you through it.

Best Regards, Oisin

I’m thinking of using this as shared header across multiple similar sites. I would need graphics as the nav buttons (no text) and a megamenu-like dropdown for each item that would let me add text and images. It seems like this could be done but can you please confirm? Thank you.

Hi Ollie, that could be done, just would need a bit of tweaking to the css.

Best Regards, Oisin


I would like to know if this menu is accessible? Can I navigate into it with only tab key?

Thank you!

Hi Oisin,

thank you for a great product! I

‘m having some difficulty though, I need to have the sticky footer menu on my site but the menu CSS is playing havoc with the CSS in my site, can I email you the link to take a look? I’ve tried about everything I know and still can’t get it to work without mucking up the rest of my site..

Of course, just use the form on my profile page to send the link.

Best regards, Oisin

Am I missing something? I don’t see the layerd PSD file that is listed on the site.


The Accordion Style is a Multi-Level? How many levels?

There is a problem I can’t solve. I have purchased Sherpa. But some features are difficult to customize for me. For exapmle in design environment I can add background image in the content area (background in a table cell)but the background image is invisible in browsers. I am still working on it. Any solutions?

Too many confusing css. Difficult to customize for unexperienced persons like me. Docuentation is insufficient. I spent too much time to understand the structure.

Menu becomes flat in ie8… how would i add a background image to menu/menu selections to retain 3d?


Is the design responsive?

HI Being best, it’s a fluid design.

Is it responsive i need to know before buying thanks

i don’t know how to get started with this. someone mentioned a psd file which i didn’t get or don’t see. any help in terms of how to implement this menu would be appreciated. thanks.

It is a HTML and CSS menu so you will need to know a little about those things to use it.

are there instructions? are you supposed to just paste code and modify it to your needs?


Can you make this a wordpress plugin?



I added following to the <head> section but it still won’t show in blue

<link type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” href=”styles/skins/theme_blue.css”/>

Hi, I changed one of the background images to another image however the little box for the switcher hasn’t changed. It still shows the same image.

How do I get it to show the new image as a 50×50 image instead of the old hash one for instance?

How do you NOT have a working example of this? I wouldn’t even think about buying something I can’t see working.

Welcome to the community! On Envato most CSS only products don’t include Live Previews.

That’s funny, most of the ones I looked at have live previews.

Hello .. I hope you have great sales at this site .. Follow me TOO :D

Hi TRICYCLE. How are you?. I bought your “Sherpa | Complete Navigation System (CSS Edition)” and it is awesome and util ! Congratulations!!

I need use the NAVY color of the initial navs and background initial in the menu bar for change the default color for the navy color . How do it? Help me please. Thanks