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Rated 5 stars, amazing script

Thanks jdeep6! :D

The whole look and feel of this item makes me extremely happy. Yay for ASCII!

cLaSsIc! :D

Haha, simply love it! GLWS!

I don’t know where I will use it but had to buy it for the pure ingeniousness of this alone ;)

Thanks nokiko! Hope you find a good use for it ;)

I have website and I want to add option to convert uploaded by users images to ascii on pop-up model window, is there any way to make button: “open in askii” so it’ll be fun to watch it in askii.

How about video links? I have embeded videos on my site, I want to create icon: “play youtube video in askii” so users can click and watch askii. Is it possible? Does it support iOS? Thank you.

Hi, It should be fine on iOS, but it should be noted that it is fairly performance heavy for videos so the device hardware does come into play. For videos and images, the basic idea is to loop an image (or each frame within the video) and based on the pixel color choose a corresponding ascii symbol to replace it. This allows for consistent “tones and shades” translated throughout images and videos – which you can customize with your own set of symbols if you like (obviously the fewer characters Shell needs to render the faster it will be). So, as long as the video information is available at page load (or whenever you init the Shell plugin on the video element) – conversion will work just fine. You can use it in popup boxes but simply setting up the lightbox of your choice then initializing Shell on the video. :)