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Any chance you add something like points indicating where the sheep is going to go?

Thanks for your interest. I do not make custom changes, but you can edit the .capx file with Construct 2 free version. Please do not hesitate to mail me for any questions: mervetalunn@gmail.com

hey there, is it possible to get custom modifications (of course for money)? Would be nice if we can make a deal.

Hey! Thanks for your interest. Please mail me for detailed information: mervetalunn@gmail.com


Can this game build with cordova into an android application?

Of course! Here’s a tutorial about it: https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/71/how-to-make-native-phone-apps-with-construct-2-and-phonegap

You can also mail me for any questions: mervetalunn@gmail.com

Nice game. Presales question- Is it possible to create a website which has multiple HTML games (all games purchased from Codecanyon may be)?

Thanks for your comments! Sure, it’s possible, but if you like to make money on them (with ads etc.) you should pay for an extended license.

Please mail me for any other questions: mervetalunn@gmail.com

Hello Foxfin,

will you implement a scoring system? That is something, which in my opinion is really necessary. The system can for example write the highest 10 stats into a .txt and display them in the game with the alias of the player.

Best regards Dominik

Presales Q. What is the documentation like for this? How easily can this be made to work for both iOS and Android?

It’d be great to know if it’s possible to amend the number of lIves before ad is shown, and can this be amended?

Finally, how difficult would it be to include a story set up on this? Eg a quick small animation to set up a storyline. Thanks

Thanks for your purchase! There are all the necessary files exported to create an app. You only need to convert them with IntelXDK or something.

If you want to make any changes, just edit the capx file with Construct2 free version and send them to me to convert for any platforms you like.

For more questions please mail: mervetalunn@gmail.com Thanks!