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Looks nice. but the title doesn’t support UTF8. Can you quickly fix that please?

Seems to have a problem showing an image after an incorrect password is inserted.

I paste the link again and get the following:

An error was occurred (not found): please check the url is correct, in this case, the image could just be expired!

and then I’m quickly redirected to the main page.

Seems to be working now.

I tested a 10 second image, and it shows for 10 seconds, then displays this error:


then redirects to the front page.

Perhaps something smoother, like displaying a message that the image has been automatically removed after the 10 seconds the uploader had set. Sit there for 10 seconds on that message, and then redirect to the front page.

This would give the proper message that it wasn’t an error, but everything performed correctly, and still get users back to the front page.

This is not important because if you see the image and it expires in a moment, the image and its data are immediately deleted from the server so the link is not recognised as a correct link!

Correctly informing users on why their content is gone is always important.

what if the user doesn’t want delete the picture? there should be an option called ” don’t delete” the image should remain in the server.

You could be add an option called “Don’t delete” with a big time by administration panel. An year is 31104000 seconds, ten years is 311040000 and your problem is solved!

How do we monetize this? How can we add banners? When I try to add a banner the page goes blank.

I have tried editing the ‘func.php” file with meta data, but I get a blank screen.

The html code for all pages is generated by a php class which allows to do what you want. For example, in index.php at the end of the file there’s the code: $newpage = new WebPage(); $newpage->setTitle("Home"); $newpage->setStyleUrl("style.css"); $newpage->setBody($body); echo $newpage->getCode(); Just modify in this way: $newpage = new WebPage(); $newpage->setTitle("Home"); $newpage->setHeader("code for adv which must be in the head tag"); $advbody = "code for adv which must be in the body tag"; $newpage->setStyleUrl("style.css"); $newpage->setBody($body.$advbody); echo $newpage->getCode(); That’s all !

Thanks! I’ll give it a try \

Nice script man, good luck with sales! :)

You really should hire a writer/proofreader/editor.

In which sense?

This page will be deleted in 10 s viewed 1 time… <<< after this page goes away… we want to put a banner ad… and make it last for 10-20? seconds… then it goes away.. then back to home page ? We would pay extra for that feature.

If i understood: when the time of viewing expires, instead of go to the home you want to make user go to an advertising page which, after 10-20 seconds, redirects to the home. Is this correct? If yes, I can do it. Let me know

hi are you still supporting this script? no updates for more than a year? :) do you have any adsense blocks i can monetize this script on a site with?