Share This Image - jQuery Image Sharing Plugin

Share This Image - jQuery Image Sharing Plugin

Plugin that makes it easy for your users to share your images across their social networks and increase traffic to your site.

Plugin Features

  • Share to 11 most popular social networks: facebook, twitter, google, linkedin, pinterest, tumblr, reddit, digg, delicious, vkontakte, odnoclassniki.
  • Specify minimum allowed image size that will be used by plugin. By defaul plugin will pick all images that are greater than 200×200 pixels in size.
  • Customize sharing image, title and description.
  • Auto-scroll your visitors to the exact location of the image they came to see.
  • Fully Customisable – adjust the look and feel of the plugin to suit your site.
  • Simple Installation – just paste the code into your site’s HTML and your users will be able to share across their networks instantly.
  • Supports all major desktop browsers (IE8, IE9, IE10, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera) and mobile browsers.


version 1.11 - 23-11-2017
- FIX: sharer.php bugs

version 1.09 - 16-06-2016
- FIX: twitter cards sharing

version 1.07 - 17-01-2016
- ADD: sharing with custom URL

version 1.06 - 11-12-2015
- UPDATE: twitter image sharing ( twitter card functionality )

version 1.05 - 20-05-2015
- ADD: always_show option

version 1.04 - 05-02-2015
- ADD: VKontakte and Odnoclassniki social buttons
- ADD: Three predefined styles for buttons
- ADD: Black list for certaine images 
- ADD: Mobile share button
- FIX: Scrolling Problems

version 1.03 - 22-04-2014
- ADD: sharer.php file for better sharing
- FIX: Tumblr button problem
- FIX: Small layout styling changes

version 1.02 - 17-04-2014
- FIX: Facebook share button. Now it's works fine.

version 1.01 - 15-04-2014
- Improved: Css style

version 1.0