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I’ve installed the plugin on and it is not working. The icons show up, but when it’s clicked on, it opens the image instead of the sharing pop-up.

I used the Shop Isle theme in wordpress.

Can you please assist?


I want links to be clean, why do you adding query string with your plugin as a part of it, what if I remove your plugin one day, all the links are going to be unreachable? “Use intermediate page.” does not solve the problem, because plugin is not sharing particular image just the featured one.



Well that’s how this plugin works. Its use intermediate page in order to share exactly needed image. Without it its will not work.


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Hi, is this plugin working with Meta Slider by any chance? Did someone tested it? I would like to have sharing buttons for the images in the slider here:


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I just purchased your plugin and loving the simplicity of it so far. I am running into troubling sharing images to twitter: The image posts fine but rather than an image, the tweet simply has a link. Is there some configuration I’m missing? The image is an upload and, as far as I can tell, is publicly available.



Please check your page with this –

Hello there,

I just purchased your plugin and everything is working except the Facebook button. This is my website URL:


well, I have a bigger problem than facebook not grabbing a thumbnail, image height is not working properly…

Never mind, I fixed the height problem, deleted the “height” from the JS file. Regarding the Facebook share not grabbing the thumb, it works on static images, but not on animated gifs…it’s not a big problem but still annoying since other share buttons work great.

I am trying to share an image that uses and apostrophe ( ’ ) in the ALT tag and it is not showing up on twitter? I tried using HTML code for the special character and it that did not work.

Pear photo and twitter.

alt=”The amount of formaldehyde in a vaccine is so tiny that it doesn’t even affect the naturally occurring levels of formaldehyde in a child’s blood.”

Hi, I have presale question – we use Essential Grid for image galleries and here are a lot of questions about functionality – but I don ‘t see your answer if it works or not. Can you give me info on this? Now we use JackBox which has FB button but it don ‘t work (all others social button works) and we need most FB sharing. Thanks for answer. Best regards. Roman

Anybody out there to answer my question? Thanks!

I see that this plugin has limited support, so I’ll not buy it. Have a nice day…

Hi, I’ve just purchased the plugin, but it only shares the featured image on Facebook. I see it works on Pinterest, but not on Facebook. Can you help please? or any other post or page.

Hi, yes, I have disabled it, I can’t keep it online forever if it doesn’t work. However, to check if it was because of my theme, I’ve just installed it on another blog: with a completely different theme and different plugins, it still doesn’t work. I can only share the featured image on FB, G plus or Linkedin. Pinterest seems to work, but not the other networks.

Please enable ‘Use intermediate page’ option from plugins settings page and write me again of its doesn’t solve the issue.

I did and it works now. I tried this before, maybe I just needed to deactivate and activate again. I’ve disabled it from the second website and I’m using it on the first one again. It still doesn’t scroll to the right image on click, (tried all the options) but at least it gets the right image when sharing, so that’s good enough for me. Thank you!


Do you got any tips arround “Selector”, share icon doesn’t showing…



In the “Selector” field you just need to place somw css selecors.

Default is ‘img’ selector. That mean that all images with minimal needed sizes will be used for sharing.

If you want, for example, share images only in certaine block you can use selector like

.block img

where ’.block’ – classname of the block.

Do you still have any problems with this plugin?


I installed the plug-in but I can’t seem to get it to work on the images. I’m using the DIVI theme on wordpress. I tried watching the tutorial video on facebook but I’m not sure where I’m supposed to put the image selector. Am I supposed to insert code somewhere?


I just upload the new version of plugin that must solve your problem.

I will let you know when its will pass the review.

Version 1.14 is here. Please update your current version with this newer one and write me about results.

Pre-Purchase Question: Will you get this plugin to work with instagram?

Hello. Sorry, but no. Instagram doesn’t provide any API for image sharing so it’s just impossible for plugin to work with instagram.


I’m trying to use the plugin on an element but the ‘data-url’ attribute isn’t showing the custom URL. It still showing the origin page:

Also, it’s not propagating LinkedIn.

Hello! This seems to work fairly well but when sharing, the data-summary strips the special characters out so my description doesn’t have my hashtags or twitter handles. Is there a way to make sure this doesn’t happen?

Example: data-summary=”#2017 @envato”

When shared, it shows up as: “2017 envato”

Thank you.


You can open sti,js file, find line

return string.replace(/[`~!@#$%^&*()_|+\-=?;:'",.<>\{\}\[\]\\\/]/gi, '');

and delete characters that you don;t want to be striped

Hi, I would like to know if the plugin will work for sharing single images from galleries using the themeforest theme named Photography. Thanks!


Sorry for the long response.

This question is still actual?

Dear ILLID, I’ve some problems with redirect from FB once shared the image. My website URL is and I have some galleries of images using themeforest Photography. If I use intermediate page OFF I can only share the main image of a gallery, if I set it to ON I can share a single image inside the gallery (as I want to do ) but the redirect from FB is not working and gives an error of page not found. I tried both usinf FB API or not and it’s the same. How can I solve?


Think I know what cause this issue.

Please open includes/class-sti-functions.php file of the plugin, find line

'sharer'       => ( $settings['sharer'] == 'true' ) ? plugins_url( 'sharer.php', __FILE__ ) : '',

and replace it with

'sharer'       => ( $settings['sharer'] == 'true' ) ? STI_URL . '/sharer.php' : '',

after this share some image to facebook and check redirect url for it.

Dear Illid, now the redirection works fine, thanks! The only thing I would like (if possible) is open directly the selected image and not the gallery page where the single image is included…

Hello, How can disable the plugin on pages and only use it on posts?


Yes, you can. For this purpose please use ‘selector’ option from plugin settings page.

By default its set to


you can change it to something like

.single-post img