Discussion on Share+ : The most awesome way to share your site

Discussion on Share+ : The most awesome way to share your site

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will this be updated with more buttons

Hi, you can customise the plugin with your own list of button in the settings.

Hi Daniel, I am looking to buy this but am new to this sort of thing – just wonder is this a pop up from a link?

Thanks :-)

Hi, you can trigger the pop up from any link or you can use the sticky button on the side also.


Hi Daniel, thanks a million for this have just downloaded it

Thank you :)

Hello, I want to share multiple URLs on the same page, can I call the function more than once with a different URL?

Hi, yes you can with different classes for trigger. :)

Does share to a social media relate to the entire web page or can I indicate the content that needs to be posted? And how does it work if someone just wants to like? The website is in html…

You can set the URL to share on each page. You can share the current page URL or set any other URL to share :)

First I like the script and it works fine for me.

However I just changed my site over to have ssl and the script gives me a problem as not all links in the script are from https ones. I am just about to change the shareplus.min.js to have all links from https – not sure if it will affect (break) the script. Just thought I would mention this “issue” on https based websites.


Hey thanks for the mention. I will change the script to use relative URls to fix the issue for https sites. You can find and replace “http://” with “https://” and it should all be fixed :)

Hi Daniel, changing the urls to https fixed the secure website error message .. (except in Explorer 12) now another list of issues to fix with a https site! Thanks for your script, it does exactly what I want.

Hi, I got Share+ integrated with my webpages without a problem. But, tapping on the sharing green button doesn’t pop up the interface when using mobile devices, including iphone and Android phones. Can you give me some hints on where to check particularly for possible issues? I checked your website using iphone and tapping on the button does pop up the interface so I assume there must be a quick fix for this. I’m also sending you a support message via your profile here at CC. Many thanks in advance!

Have just gotten back to your email request there now :)

Hi. Can I display the point layer in the scroll? Issuing Scroll to the bottom of the page as it appears like this site.

Hi, i’m not sure if I understand fully what you mean. Sorry, what do you mean by point layer? If it is the fixed background layer and the fixed positioning of the box, yes you can have it all fixed on your site too.

I have successfully retrieved the short url: sharing_url = data.results[defaults.longUrl].shortUrl; not sure how to get this into the template url as the twitter link shows as

Hi, I have replied to your email with the code to get it up and running for you :)


I’ve just purchased Share+ and I’m very impressed. It’s both neat and smart. There are just 2 issues I have:

1) How can I stop a new page/tab opening in the background when I use the email button? It looks really ugly!

2) How can I correct encoding errors in the email text. Currently £ symbols are showing up as £.

Otherwise a really nice script.



Hi, You can easily disable links opening in the new tab by changing one of the setup preferences which are mentioned here:

Is your webpage in a different encoding that could be causing the issue? Could you email me the link to your website so I can have a look and investigate what could be wrong?

Thanks, Daniel

Hi, Daniel -

Thanks for your reply but I think you’ve misunderstood my first point. Currently, when I click on the email icon in Share+ (the envelope) a new tab opens in my browser (chrome). The page is blank but in the address bar you can see the link generated by the email icon!

I want to stop the new tab opening.



Since you have open links in new tab enabled (similar to how the other icons open in new tab) the email link is also set to do the same. If you have a email client setup on your computer it will be using that and that is why you will be seeing a blank screen, but if not, the new tab will take you to your webmail like gmail. This is the reason why it is opening in the new tab. You can disable this by disabling open links in new tab option although that would mean that all other links will open in the same page too. I will look into it to make it so that only the email link opens on the same page.

Thanks, Daniel

Hi. I have implemented your code into my site:

However, in the share text I want it to get the question text (a

element) instead of the title. How do I do this?

Hi, You can configure the plugin’s sharing text in the options like this:


        sharetitle: "Would you rather… Live one 1,000 year life? Or live ten 100 year lives?", // sharing page's title
        shareurl: "" // URL to share



Yes, I tried that. It worked for twitter, but not for Facebook.

For Facebook you would need to configure open graph tags from which Facebook gets its information. You should add these tags on your page and change the content to suit your needs:

You can check if it is configured correctly with this tool:


hi it was nice plugin for the non-wordpress sites and but one thing i am having issuse is i want to share an image with the url but i can’t able to do it can you please help me out for this

Hi, have you purchased the plugin?

ya my client purchased this plugin

Have replied to you via your email :)

can you tell me what is wrong with this script
sharetitle: “Share Plus”, // sharing page’s title
icons: “facebook,twitter,google,email”,
sticker: true, // display share sticker?
stickerAlign: ‘right’ // left or right?

The popup works but
None of my customisations appear.

Hey, everything looks fine but, could you send me a link to the webpage so I can have a look? There could be something else wrong on the page…

sent link using the online form on your profile page

Thanks. Looks like you have an extra ‘()’ in the code. I’ve provided you the valid code that you need to update your site with :)

Hi daniel,

Can this be customised to show just a twitter follow button and to have the cross off disabled so that they must click the follow button in order to display the content?



Sorry, I am not understanding what you mean fully. Could you rephrase that or explain more please?

Sry, I wanted to know if we could customise it in a way so that the popup displays a twitter follow button only. When the person clicks on that follow button the pop up will disappear and display the content underneath. Is this something you can do? Customise it for us?

Well, no. SharePlus is better used by users to share if they want to share the page. But you can automatically open SharePlus when the page loads, etc.


Could the main area be replaced with simple text and the bottom bar with share buttons retained?

Well, you can edit the javascript plugin file to add your own content and remove the share icons in the main section… :)

Great plugin! Any idea why the Google+ share button is suddenly set lower than FB, Twitter and Pinterest? Thanks.

Looks like Google has changed their button’s CSS style a bit. That is why it does not fit perfectly in share+ at the moment. I will be fixing that soon. Thanks for letting me know about this :)

Considering purchase, but would like to know the size of the javascript source file without compression, obfuscation or gzipping. Thanks.

The javascript without any compression is 16kb, but this has a lot of comments in the code to help any other developer build upon it and to customize it for their need. The minified version of the javascript is only 8kb.

Hi, is ti possible to use Share+ in each article of an rss feed?

Could you be more clear please? Do you want to be able to embed share+ in your RSS feed?

I purchased this plugin hoping it would provide a simple solution to adding a page sharing facility. Guess what? It works brilliantly and I absolutely love the design and simplicity. Great support too. Thanks heaps for a first class product.

Thank you! Glad to hear that you love the plugin. Really appreciate your positive feedback. Thanks :)

This is an amazing code. It does exactrly what it shoud and is a great add on to any page, plus Daniel’s service is one of the best in the business

Thank you very much for all of your help Daniel. It is now running grat

Thank you very much for your kind words. It’s great to hear positively from customers! Thanks :)

Hi. Thank you for a great pluggin, just one thing. I have the code working on all my pages, except my home page. on the other ones, i added the code to the common header they have, and i replicated the installation for the custom header i have on my index page. I did everything the same but it is not working.

you can see this at the triger link is at the footer with a kind of molecule icon on it

Please let me know if there is something II am doing wrong

Thank you

I tried it and it was working fine for me. Maybe try just move the script down for the homepage.

Hi: I have the links to the js files at the head of my page and I changed the script calling the function after my footer and before the tag and is working great again, but on the homepage it is still just taking me to the top of the page. Any other way i could make it work. It is just on that page

You need to include it in the share+ scripts in the bottom of the page. Please email me through the form on this page so I can send you attachments.


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