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why you have not added admob please add

Galaxy note 7000 and also in the device of Android

I compiled without any errors.

not clear, pl. send DM of your issue

Tested it and it takes a bit to load. Shared location and when you go to maps, it does not load from link. Please fix

It is working, Facebook allows only those fields to be shared

how about it being so slow to load? and my connection is 4G

it is based on GPS/mobile tower location

What is the places api in strings? Do I need to replace it? If so, where do I get it?

Ignore that entry you don’t need to replace it with yours

Interesting. What would this app be good for? Who would use it?

You can build great apps on it like employee/family/vehicle tracking or geofencing/track customers in shop etc..many possibilities

Hello There,

I just saw an app similar to this one on the news. Except the person was able to push the power button off and on repeatedly which triggered messages to be sent to designated individuals letting those people know that the individual was in need of help at their specific location.

Are you able to modify your source code to do something similar to this instead of having to log into the phone in order to “PRIVATELY” send a message.

If the person has to whip out their phone and go to the app to “PRIVATELY” send their details… it’s not so private huh?

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is android services needed to this app to work ? i mean if we disable google services is the location can work?

yes it’s possible but you will not get accurate location. google service (GPS) help to find current location and it’s gives accuracy

Which program are you use as a workspace ( editor?)


No docmentation ?. I added google play services but still getting errors ?

Hi, There is an error at Google Console. “APK is not compatible for 7” tablets. How can I fix this problem?

The tablet may not support some of the features that your app requires. check menifest.xml what are permission required is present or not in tablet.


This app doesn’t load for me. If I open, and turn on GPS (Location Service) then it keeps going round and roung (Loader) but it doesn’t get past that.

Can you please let me know what can be done

Phone: Samsung Note 3 OS: Lolipop


Pl. check in some other device or send us the error log


pl. clarify

where is the sms?

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g your text wrong? Share my location app lets you privately send your current location by SMS, email or share in social network.

Where is the documentation for this app? I need to open this project in Android Studio !!! HELP

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is it possible to see on a map all devices running this app in real time?

Can use this app as a Traffic App Solution/Platform that road users can use to help each other beat traffic by informing them about the traffic conditions, thereby providing others with information with which they can use to make smarter decisions about routes to take.

How can i convert this to open it with android studio? what programme do i use to edit it at its present stage?