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When does the second or other level gets enable ?

The second level unlock after 50.
The other levels have less numbers.. 30, 40 etc

Android app crashed in loading Ludei splash screen on Galaxy S2 4.1.2

I will check this.. Thanks!

Today, app will be on google play.. Link in description.
Try to install again, please. And contact me if you want.. : -)



I test the game in some mobiles. I know what’s the problem.
All is about memory. In my next big update i will fix the issue.

Thanks for understanding.. : -)

The issue is fixed!

Cool game, Would be good if you put a text indicating how many points left to unlock the next level.

Thank You!
Maybe to next update.. : -)

Update is up!

When will you update?

I will update soon (2-3 days from now) this small update..
And to my next big update i will add: banners ads/share buttons!!! : -)

Please check your email, I’ve emailed you. Thanks.

Yes i know, i answer you!!! : -)

Hi people! : -)
Just an announcement..

Reply please down below if levels (first level maybe) its too difficult because i want in my fast update to change and this option!

Thanks and regards,

No way. I was even thinking of making the balls come down faster sooner. Let me test on the phone.

hehe! : -)

so when can we expect the update #1 and #2 ? thanks,

Hi remmy,
First update (bug fixes, all mobiles optimized and share buttons) today..

Next update i don’t know day yet.. : -)

Nice job man!

Thank you my friend! : -)

hello, nice work, just a question, i need to change the graphics, it can be done? thanks a lot.

Hi! Thanks.. : -)
Of course you can change the graphics easily.

You can open the construct 2, double click to each item you want and replace it with yours! : -)

received a notice that there was an update #2. What is the update? thx

No, it’s a change of title.. The update is not ready yet.
I hope before 2014 to be up!
Stay tuned.. and thanks! : -)

and this new update I received today? ads?

Yes, download it and enjoy! : -)

Hi, as with your other games, the sharing capability works well on Chrome but doesn’t work in Safari/iPhone, can you please fix this and send me a package that works in Safari as well? please send it to me at matthowardca@gmail.com

I send you an email with the steps..

The problem is in safari (or need update version maybe) settings.
There is nothing to do with the game source. If is worked well to other browsers the reason is: THE BROWSER!

So simple.. : -)


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