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Nice Game!

Its not the full application, correct? Just a template?


This is not the original Brain Rush game, however this template is a full game that includes ads, game networks, and an extra feature that the original Brain Rush game doesn’t have.


Do you have a video or a link of the iOS game?

Hello, at this time, I only have the app on Google Play because I wanted to give other buyers the chance to publish to iTunes.

Great simple game! Good luck!

Thank you!

What do i need to compile the game for android?


Hello! At the minimum, you’ll need to enter your advertising IDs and enter your game network ID for Google Play services.

If you wanted to, you can swap out the graphics and change the name. Thanks!

Thanks, but i mean what program… Could this be compiled with eclipse? Or do i need something

I apologize for not seeing this sooner. I thought I had email notifications turned on, but unfortunately, I didn’t. You’ll need Corona SDK to compile this game for Android.

I am not a dev but interested in getting this game in the apple store and google play. How much will you charge to help? And how do I control the ads that appear on screen?

Hello! The charge to help would really depend on how much help you need. For example, are you just looking to get this built and published to your existing account? Or do you need something a little more in-depth. Just let me know! For the ads, you can control the frequency by changing one value within the code. If you purchase the template, I have clearly written documentation on where to change this value at. I hope this helps!

Which extra features from brain rush does this one come? is it ready to publish ( after adding the ad ids and the leaderboard ids. ) does it come with achievements?

can you please provide the google play store link to check it out.

Hello, this one comes with the same advertising ids as brain rush and it is ready to publish. However, it does not come with achievements. The google play link is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thatssopanda.shapeblitz.

it didn’t come with any psd :S?

Hello! I didn’t include any PSD files with this one because there aren’t that many graphics to reskin. There’s only the background, 1 circle, 1 rectangle, 1 circle, and 1 button style for the graphics. If you need the graphics, just drop me an email and I’ll have my designer send it to you on Monday.

is it full source code game? can you provide som link to the game so I can test it before buy it ? thanks

Removed. This was a duplicate post (code canyon seems to be a bit slow).

I live in Sweden so it should works

I’m not sure what else to do here since the link works over here. Can you try searching for Shape Blitz or google ‘com.thatssopanda.shapeblitz’ ?