Shape Blitz

Shape Blitz

Shape Blitz was built using the latest version of Corona SDK 2014.2511 and takes full advantage of composer and graphics 2.0. This game template utilizes AdMob and RevMob for banner and full screen ads.

This game is a twist on the current and very popular game brain rush. The object of the game is to match the oncoming shape with the shape below. Over time, the game gets increasingly faster until the player incorrectly matches a shape.

Shape Blitz is different from Brain Rush because it shows each oncoming object in random colors and makes the player manage three objects. Starting out, the player has a circle and he or she can tap on the left side to turn the object into a rectangle and tap the right side for the triangle.


Shape Blitz uses AdMob and RevMob for monetization. Banner ads are shown at all times during game play and fullscreen ads are shown a third of the time once it’s game over for the player.


  • This is universal game and is ready for Android, iPhone, iPad, and any other device using Corona’s ultimate config file.
  • Leaderboards for both Game Center and Google Play Services
  • Ads using Admob and RevMob
  • Uses the latest Corona SDK public build 2014.2511
  • Available for any pricing plan, Starter and Up
  • This is a full game ready for the store.
  • Easy to reskin with few assets.
  • Clean and very well commented code.
  • Beautiful interface using flat colors.

Game Store Description

In this reflex inspired game, you’ll need to survive the onslaught of shapes by tapping the screen (or not tapping) to match the oncoming shapes.

Tap left for the rectangle. Tap right for the triangle. Don’t tap at all of for the circle. Colors don’t matter.

How many points can you earn before Shape Blitz say’s it’s game over?