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you should make applications that help developers… this looks old.. it looks like windows 98.. its the same with your other application…

make something that will help the user, something with graphics or coding.

Thank you for your suggestion – we’re planning to improve functionality and interface in the next version.

What makes this better than Hypercam or like lets say Camtasia?

What are your benefits? Are there hot keys for lets say taking a screen-shot during the recording?

This programm may work with any type of cameras or video stream.

Also, you may use hot keys: F6 – start recording F7 – Pause recording F8 – Stop recording

Why would you try selling a FREEWARE software on this marketplace?? The screenshot you provided clearly shows that it is the free version of:

We selling a Standard Edition (paid), not Free. You may Compare SGS HomeGuard editions here: http://www.securityguardsystems.com/index.php?product=video_capture#features

oh snap, sbkyle just served someone, but seriously though the hardware specs on that software are 900 mhz and 512 mb of ram haha I’ll have to check my system info before I download.

Do you mean it’s too low for Minimum System Requirements?

I mean that’s funny because I have a 3.2 ghz six-core processor with 32gb of ram and processors under a ghz were around like 10 years ago

Thanks, we’ll recheck these parameters again to be sure.

Is there a way to stream the recorded video from webcam over internet to others? or saving it directly in a server?


Do you mean to send this video stream to others? Unfortunately such feature doesn’t exist in current version.

Please would mind telling me if the video recording has sound?

Currently no, but we’re planning to add it in the next version.

Downloaded it just to see what it was haha.

Its so bad, quality bad, no sound recording, slow…

Dont buy this…

These features will be added in the next version.

i was going to buy but saw the last comment…

It was a old version, in new version 3.1 we fix all bugs and added sound record. So don’t see the last comment.

I thought the source code came with this purchase. Is that not the case?

Never mind I see this was sold under the “tools” license terms.

Great Work! Good Luck!!!

Thank you very much. It nice to hear it. We working on next version of it