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What they do not tell you is you can only save up to 2.5 GB of video.

(2.5 GB may sound a lot but it is next to nothing on reasonable quality it is maybe 10 minuets)

In my opinion :


... Sorry to who ever owns this but imposing that sort of restriction and not warning people is as you must be aware a questionable act.

This issue was fixed, please update yuor version

Thanks i will try it out shortly.

I did try and there are still restrictions, :crying:

Though i have played with the quality and it is still reasonable but takes up a lot less room than it used to (2.5GB is now maybe 1.5 – 2 hours)

The maximum of hisry folder and files were encreased in the last version to 500 GB

Great program! any recommended web cam in the market today?


We have no preference – you may use any web camera with this program (it works with any video stream)

i am interested but i need this to be possibly be put online either video or snapshots or via email option


We just released a new version of HomeGuard, that has emails alert feature added and also some other improvements. We’ll update the site and our script on codecanyon in a few days. Here the screenshot from the new version: http://securityguardsystems.com/images/gallery/home_guard/main_screen.png

Old screenshots and video are available here: http://securityguardsystems.com/index.php?page=gallery http://securityguardsystems.com/index.php?page=demonstration

I’d like to ask a few what is frequently demanded from me, but I couldn’t find an economic soluton.

  • Storing IP cams with adjustable motion detection parameters (I mean adjustable to trigger with the amount of change for places where they feed a cat etc.)
  • Pushing the records to a web server as a stream or pushing as small pieces contionusly (needed because in case of theft, mostly they take the computer also : )
  • If possible to watch cams directly with IP etc connection

Are these possible?

Dear Karaziki ,

Thank you for yours questions. Its possible to send small pieces of video to yours email address as attachment. I can add this option especially for you in 5 days maximum. But you cant to watch cams directly with IP etc connection in current version.

Regards, SGS Administrator

very cool work ! i whish you all the best for your sales

thank you very much for you comment. I upload a new version of it.

Will you give source code, when we purchase? Sorry my question. I cant see it

Hi. we have a “Developer Edition” that come with code of version. So if you want the code, you can purchase it. Thanks for your comment