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Is there a way to ad just an IP address? In case where server is not running an apache but simply is a network device like a printer.


Not really, it needs a http daemon to respond on


Redion Purchased

but what if we just want to check if ip is online or not, as simple as that. Can’t severus just ping and IP and see if it gets a reply?

No, it doesn’t work that way, technically you could do something through advanced services, but it’s not really how it’s supposed to work

Hi there i have it purchased and installed it here. harshil 123456

for some reasons automatic checks doesnt seem to work. and next check in shows blank.

can you tell me how this issue can be resolve please.



Gillz5 Purchased

Is there a way to change default monitoring port? I am installing this on multiple solusvm nodes and currently it’s trying to connect on slave port 80 but Iy needs to connect on port 6767.

Interesting question, not built into the script, but you can probably just add the port to the lookup address, as in, it’s worth a go at any rate


this was not the script i was looking for i purchased, can i please get a refund! its not quite usefull for me as i want a ping or port based checking!

Hey there,

- What is the run requirements? - What server specifications do you recommend considering 200 checkups at a time?