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is there a way to add multiple buttons that sends the address to the map instead of a searching with the search bar?

Yes, there is a method you can call to set the center of the map to certain coordinates.

There is a similar code in the examples and the documentation provided.

Can you tell me if with your system there is a easy way to get the PostCode?

Yes, you could get the post code. There is a demo in the documentation where you would receive all of the address components of the place selected by the user. You would get them in the same way the Google Maps API provides them – with country, localities, post code/zip and a street address.

It depends on you to parse the address components.

Thanks! I did it: if(value.types0 == “postal_code”) $(’#postal_code’).val(value.long_name);


I would like to use this to add the viewers current location to the map/zoom to that location. The catch is I wanted to use an already made custom google map, which you can view here: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=210000746142049190989.0004ce14b7a8e95167602&msa=0

Could this be done?

Thanks, Matt

Sorry, you would not be able to do that with the Setmap plugin. However you would be able to embed a custom map and work with if you work manually with the Google Maps SDK for JavaScript.

Hi there, great plugin!

I need to merge latitude and longitude into a single field ‘latlng’. $('#lat').val(latitude); $('#lng').val(longitude); $('#latlng').val(longitude)+','+val(longitude); But it doesn’t work, is there an alternative method?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi! Thank you for purchasing! I suspect you have a small mistake in your code. Could you send me a link to it (github repo, jsfiddle or even a zip file) so I could help you better? You could email me at hkdobrev@gmail.com

I sent you an email.

Not had any response?

I’m interested in buying your plugin but I would like to give the chance, to my visitors, to click on a specific point of the map and automatically send me an email with latitude/longitude of the marker. Is this possible with the plugin?

Since you are using the Google Maps API v.3, does your plugin allow a custom marker to be added instead of the standard red pin marker?

Hello, I need to create a map based on a select on the database whose return is several points with latitude and logitude. example:

Return data selection, PHP / Mysql Store1 | latitude = -23.459207 Longitude = -46.686691 | Descripiton = ‘red Store manager Jhon’

Store2 | latitude = longitude = -23.4965133 -46.6583483 | Descripiton = ‘Blue Lodge’

Loja3 | latitude = -23.459207 Longitude = -46.686691 | Descripiton = ‘Purple Store manager Mike’

Loja4 | latitude = longitude = -23.4965133 -46.6583483 | Descripiton = ‘Yellow Store manager Marie’

With your code I can mount these points on the map and put it colors and descriptions?

This looks great, but all the examples are blank for me in FF and Chrome on this page: http://hkdobrev.com/setmap/

...and the github version is blank on my site (still running on localhost, only).

I’d be happy to pay if I could make it work.

Is this a universal problem, or just my problem? Maybe Google changed something so it no longer works without an API code or something?

How can I make the map responsive?