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Works on wordpress?

Nice work.

Any chance of adding something like this: http://demowordpress.templatesquare.com/quickhost/about/pricing-table/


Hello, thank you! Yes, naturally, it is plain html+css, it works everywhere. No, I do not deal with any cms, so the conversion itself is on you:)))

Hi Virtuti. Unfortunately, there is some big differences of rendering between IE9 , Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. I am a bit upset about that because the most interesting thing with your product is actually the CSS3 effects (animation, transition and so on). I know that all CSS3 properties are not yet implemented into all browsers but, the video that shows your product in action does not match with the reality. Excepted if you use only Safari… You should be more specific in the description of your product, especialy about the CSS3 animations that you used (what works vs what does not work properly). I am sorry if you found out this comment a bit rude, this was not the purpose. All the best.

And one more thing–the main feature of these tables is their responsiveness or in other words the ability to fit any screen resolution. This works on all browsers listed in the item description.

Chrome/Safari work under Webkit engine, the most advanced CSS3 engine so far, and this is why the final result in the video looks fantastic.

In my opinion, the description is not enough clear. You should indicate clearly that some animations and special effects that you’ve added could not work properly under IE9 (and not only IE8 , as it is written), Firefox and Opera because of an uncomplete implementation of CSS3 into these web-browsers.

About the other functionalities, everything works perfectly.

Anyway, this is the last time I buy something without being able to test it by myself.

Once again, the product is GOOD , not the description, so do not take it wrong. Just a point of view of a buyer :)

I am not a fan of video preview, I would prefer to provide normal live html demo in order to give a buyer full picture and ability to decide to buy or not to buy. The reason why this time I went on video (unlike my previous item on CodeCanyon) is simple–there are honest people like you who buy things and there are dishonest people who soil their hands by stealing a work which costs just 5$. ThemeForest does not give an opportunity to upload video, there are only html previews available and it causes endless thefts. At least once per week I get requests to help from people who stole template and yet ask for help.

Video was taken on Chrome in natural way cause it is my default browser which I use both for work and for usual browsing.

To depict every feature that works and does not work in every browser is impossible. I test in latest versions and have no possibility to test on let’ s say FF3 , or cause I have only Galaxy I cannot test on iPad. Therefore I gave maximum information I carry full responsibility for, for example IE9 is not mentioned at all in my list.

I see much less informative descriptions with only video preview on the marketplace and I am sure that my description is precise as much as it can be precise. If I am not mistaken, unlike TF, majority of items on CC are presented as either video or screenshots and to test them live is a problem (though as I said above, me personally would prefer to give this opportunity).

Anyway, I am always very thankful to people who bought an item, and thank you for the kind words. If you will use my tables on your site I shall be frankly glad.

Thank you, Virtuti, for the explanation. I do appreciate. I wish you a lot of sales. Cheers.

Thank you very much! And I promise if I shall become rich from my sales here I shall buy Windows7 and include IE9 in my list of tested browsers:)))) Thank you!

I just purchased this table set and I am missing two templates: Hoteli and Retro. How can I get these templates ASAP ?

Thank you.

Hello, did you redownload template, is everything ok?


Purchased the pricing table and it is truly lovely. I opted for the Hoteli, and can’t be happier. It’s the perfect addition to the site.

Thank you for your talent and hard work.

Hello, thank you very very much! Always important to me to hear that my work is useful, thank you!

Hi, this looks good, but I have a question.

Would I be able to create tables with images in a column & without the header field such as Price?

Cheers, Gray

Hello Gray, thank you for your interest. Of course you can. You can manipulate table rows as you wish, delete them add new ones, insert into tables any information. The sense of these tables is their “shrinkability” –what is inside or how many rows/columns–does not play role at all.

OK, Thanks, bookmarked & will purchase soon ;-)


Sorry, I can’t find this in your documentation.

Can I add extra columns to the Basica style?

I need 6 columns, not 3.

Your example on some pages says “3 column” others says “unlimited vertical columns”. That’s it.

Your help very much appreciated.


Hello, thank you. Yes, sure, 3 columns is an example, you can set as many columns as you need (not too many of course, width of monitor screen is not endless and you wont want each column be too narrow). Simply add yet 3 columns to markup and recalculate the width of each one. Currently th width is set to 33.3333% (x 3 columns) what in sum gives you 100%. You need to divide 100% to number of columns (6 in your case) and set this number in styles.css (.table1 th). That’s it.

Great, thank you! Love the designs!

I was just confused by the descriptions you used. I didn’t want to start adding columns & break something! :) (but just thinking, there’s no js: pretty hard to break this excellent design!) (6 columns for my project doesn’t actually look good, too squished).

I’ve gone ahead and customized. However, there is an interesting problem occurring: when resizing the window: (responsive) the top box is disappearing. Using Festival theme.

The Top column (i.e.: Name A, name b etc) disappears when I resize the window.

I copied the CSS rule for ‘blue-top’, created a new stylesheet for the page, then renamed the rule as ‘my-top’. That’s all I’ve done. EDIT : Do I need to duplicate this process for the “smalldevice800.css” file too?

Alternatively, all I really want to do is add your gorgeous ‘animated’ background’ effect to the Vertical theme. Is this possible? No need to answer the above if I can do this. :)

Thank you very much! Gorgeous styles.

Hello once again. Yes, certainly it is not a problem but pre-planned behaviour of the table as soon as the screen becomes narrower. The table rebuilds itself and adapts to narrow screen. Take a closer look to the construction of the table while it is on wider screen and on the narrow one. If on the wide screen you see the information beneath the heading, on the narrow screen you will see it on the right. Thus the table preserves its readability and normal look. You can make a quick experiment: remove for a moment small-devices stylesheet and you will see that despite the fact that the table is still able to resize itself, the columns became narrower and narrower, words overlaps the columns and it becomes unreadable and… ugly. That is why I gave the command in the small-devices stylesheets to reconstruct the table as soon as narrower screen is detected.

Few styles are removed intentionally (colourful headings for example) in order to preserve an uniformed look of the whole table (otherwise you would see three orange/blue/etc rows thrown into the white table what would look awkwardly at its least), but of course you are free to re-write the style and keep coloured heading, what me seems a bit out of place but of course you decide.

Thanks again! Tanya

Hi Tanya, I’m 90% there. Looking great, very happy! Your support is excellent, thank you!

I want to retain the top ‘coloured’ heading for mobile devices. When the page resizes, I want them to stay above each section, instead of going to the right of the section. (I’m using the colored headers it to describe the product, example Machine A, so if that disappears when reduced, looks a bit odd. :)

Which section in the “small800” css file do I need to edit?

I’m always reluctant to start messing around with great css: but if you can point me in the right direction, I’ll finish it off happily!

(btw, I started a new topic, as I thought others might have this question).

Cheers! W

Hello, well, you need to study the code and make all necessary changes. Your questions are quite out of scope of template organisation itself but rather about customisation and editing due to your needs. In case you will need my help in customisation (40$ p/hour) you can write me via my profile to my email. Best, Tanya

What an awful answer!

Your template has a header item, which disappears on mobile devices into a tiny strip of color: any text displayed inside becomes TOTALLY unreadable. and you want us to pay $40 per hour to fix this?

This is a design flaw of the template: it’s meant to be a responsive pricing table. It’s not meant to take my content & render parts of it unusable.

It is a fundamental part of your template & should be addressed in FAQ , or documentation. This isn’t a design aspect, it’s about not making my header content disappear when it resizes.


Ok. But you should understand that all customisation job is not included into any template even if it costs 50$, and not 5$ like this one. It is a mistake to think that customising template is included into price. Even support about template itself is not obligatory, not mentioning the instructions how to edit/change/adjust/etc it.

wow, no-one expects an answer within 10 minutes, but when there’s an OBVIOUS and MASSIVE (important product information DISAPPEARS ) flaw in the template design, the answer shouldn’t be “pay me to fix it”.

Some designers make a lot of money via Envato & if you notice, they’re the ones who take the time to listen to customers. They have FAQ and are updating their designs when there are problems / flaws are brought to their attention by customers.

If you don’t think fixing problems in your templates is part of your job, then it’s pretty easy: I won’t be buying any other of your products.

I’m very confused by your attitude: one day you’re providing excellent customer support, the next, you’re telling us to “pay me $40 an hour” so you can fix a problem with your own template design. Are you running low on sleep or something?

Anyhoot, other potential customers beware: the colored header row is totally unusable in mobile resizing. Your content will disappear.


how do i get these table on my wordpress site? i tryed to upload plugin and its not working?

Hello, you can place it as html actually.


i am looking for a table plug-in – not actually as pricing table, but for a personal data sheet (resumée/vitae)... important for me is the responsable feature and it also needs to work with my theme (enfold/kriesi.at)... i actually only need two (or three) columns and would love to have them displayed on a smartphone next to each other…

if not – at least a solution that lets the smartphone user identify which two values form a pair… would your plug-in be able to do this?

here is my example page http://www.blackjava.de/?page_id=1448

your screenshots 10+13 come close to what i am looking for.. question is would that work with my theme (also colors/fonts).

at the end – all i am looking for is that two colums are displayed next to each other – in browser and on smartphone screen aswell…

hope i could explain – unfortunately i have no css or html knowledge… thanks in advance Pedro

Hello Pedro, thank you for your interest! Eh, it would be very simple to do if I knew WP well. Currently I am learning WP and yet unable to convert it into plugin/widget.

So the long-term difficult solutions are: either to wait until I shall figure out how to do that in WP or to ask somebody who already knows how to convert static html into plugin/widget for WP.

Easier solution (maybe?): aren’t there (in plugin directory) plugins like that? Can not be that somebody has not yet put some free or paid plugin for responsive tables, I think it should be, did you try to search in WP plugin directory? To rework and style it (apply certain colours, shapes, fonts) is not that super hard task, I could do that, the matter is in wp code itself…

Sorry that I cannot help you, simply wp is not what I can do right now, anyway, thank you!

ok. my fault. i thought it was a WP plugin… anyway – keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot!

Congratulations! Amazing Work, GLWS